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Weird Breathing Problems and Fees like Lump in Throat....Pnemonia?

Answered by a doctor

For about a month now I've been having this weird breathing problem. I'm 24 and never had any health problems except for anxiety disorders. When I rotate my upper body it sounds like someone is squeezing the air out of my lungs. It makes like a haaaaaaaa sound if you were to not use your vocal...

by User avatar saltwaterburn28042

what is parahilar pneumonitis? radiographic report results indicating it

radiographic report suspicious opacites on right upper lobe.both parahilar streakiness are noted. impression: apicolordotic view for further evaluation consider parahilar pneumonitis. what is parahilar pneumonitis?

by User avatar Guest

What means "consider right parahilar pneumonia vs ptb"?

What means of consider right parahilar pneumonia vs ptb?  And how to cure ? 

by User avatar Guest

Pneumonia and wheezing while pregnant

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I was hospitalized on Saturday with pnuemeonia and was sent home Monday with antibiotics. My problem is that I haven't stopped wheezing since being diagnosed. Sometimes the wheezing sounds better then other times but it just doesn't want to clear up. Anyone know if this is normal? I'm really...

by User avatar melben3890

Unable to breathe properly for the past 6 years. I'm wondering if it could be from having pneumonia?

I had pneumonia twice, once back in 2008(?), and a second time in 2011, but I'm still having breathing problems. I can't walk up the stairs, walk for more than maybe 10 minutes, exercise, or even talk for more than a few minutes without being out of breath or even gasping for air. I've heard of...

by User avatar belleelizabeth355405

Coughing with pain in lower left side, diagnosed with pneumonia 3 months ago

Answered by a doctor

Nov2016 diagnosed with pneumonia after 2 rounds of antibiotics felt much better, but still had nagging cough.cough getting worse around Christmas then around first week of January became very painfull,cough or sneeze,lower left side. About the 15th,noticed light bruising, maybe broken blood vessels...

by User avatar Guest

Pleural Effusion/ Pneumonia. What does "increase in right basal density" mean?

What does "increase in right basal density" mean? I'm coughing so much it hurts. Report results below.   PROCEDURE: XR CHEST 2 VIEWS PA LATERAL, 12/14/2016 11:38 AM ACCESSION NUMBER(S): CCD16003256995 LOCATION: SSSADIDE CLINICAL INDICATION: Shortness of breath. History of right lower...

by User avatar kevcizzle

Recurring pneumonia and bronchitis several times this year

I have also been getting pneumonia an bronchitis three four times this year .my doctor has referred me to chest consultant for broncospy . tb.aspirational  pneumonia or a least I can try and find out what causing just need to be assertive and request second opinion . it your...

by User avatar G wizz

do i have pneumonia again? shortness of breath and pain in my right lung

Answered by a doctor

Hi im a swimmer and it was in February this year that I nearly drowned and was diagnosed with pneumonia and pleurisy in both my lungs a few days later, it has taken me a long time to start recovering and i have recently started swimming again but I am now starting to...

by User avatar guest

Back pain after pneumonia

Hi everyone, I am recovering from pneumonia but now have developed left side back pain I was prescribed antibiotics and was doing well. Then the back pain and coughing started.  Is this normal when treating pneumonia?

by User avatar Dorit