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xray results - interstitial pneumonia rule out primary PTB?

what is interstitial pneumonia rule out primary PTB?

by User avatar Erna Mandane

Can pneumonia lead to PTB?

Is illness of pneumonia will lead to PTB?

by User avatar Guest

I started third lot of antibiotics for my pneumonia, but I still get breathless

Hi- could anyone please help with this query about pneumonia ? I was admitted to hospital with pneumonia 10th Jan- 5 days- discharged following week secondary infection. I am still getting breathless have today started third lot of antibiotics. I get breathless following say a short walk, climbing...

by User avatar graham349351

I was diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia, how i got it?

Answered by a doctor

I was diagnosed with this. I was wondering how I got it ?

by User avatar Guest

pneumonitis, what is it mean? is it curable?

Hi doctor. I have here my x-ray results. The interpretation shows hazy infiltrates in left lower lung field. The impressiom of medical radiologist is PNEUMONITIS, left lower lobe. May i ask what is it mean? Is it curable? Thank you for the answer.

by User avatar rhioken

frozen lung or pneumonia

Answered by a doctor

I was on my mt bike the other day going into 30 below zero winds since that day every time Icough it feels like my breath is being held inside and not all coming out at once could I have caughgt pnemonia from tthis ? ,if not, What would I be feeling

by User avatar pelkeysup81

radiologic findings, what is pneumonia right para cardiac area

what is fibriotic ftb right lung apex and  pneumonia right para cardiac area?

by User avatar jordan

vibration in left chest

2-3 days now vibrations ie; pneumonia or bronchial latent with infection. Tried timing to rule out connection with breathe but no parallel with breathing regularity. Inherent possibility of heart murmur but doubtful. No answers here. Only questions. Any luck???

by User avatar Guest

Suspicious hazziness in the right apex

what does it mean or what's the possible reason why the doctor should ask apocolordotic view when the finding was "suspicious hazziness is noted in the right apex..? what could be the worst case..?

by User avatar babyruth

Post pneumonia issues, minor set backs feeling cold

Answered by a doctor

Post pneumonia 7 weeks now. Lower left lobe. Right had small fluid. Ct scan showed clear left lung and right had small inflammation at bottoms. Feeling weak and at times cold thru my body. They did labs and everything is normal. Even inflammation blood work came back negative. Started using...

by User avatar Concerned mama