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My 17 year old daughter has asthma/allergies, Could it be she had gotten herself pneumonia?

Answered by a doctor

Last weekend my daughter's went to spend time with their Grandma for her birthday weekend since they knew they had school on Monday,"my mom's", "their Grandma's" actual birthday.  Anyhow, they both had a cold, and a cough, but they said they felt good enough to still go.  Well My mom lives in...

by User avatar rodominiq341159

my boyfriend just got out of the hospital from pneumonia, He gets very sweaty in the night

Answered by a doctor

my boyfriend just got out of the hospital from pneumonia last week Wednesday and he wants to get back to work on Monday. He gets very sweaty in the night. I have no clue why.he was on antibiotics through IV and he has asthma. Can he have a pneumonia relapse? I am very concerned and worried about...

by User avatar IshBos335802

Identified with walking pneumonia, but i have more symptoms

Answered by a doctor

For the past year I have got a sharp sharp pain in my rib cage going up to my chest, I feel bubbles in my chest and when I breathe they pop when they pop it burns like an acid in my ribs and then it races up my back and it's so painful I literatly fall to the ground. I was doing some research and...

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my result of x-ray is apico-lordotic

my result of x-ray is apico-lordotic,,,then i try again the result is phuemunia..what kind medicine that me i take  

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I came down with double pneumonia

Answered by a doctor

I came down with double pnumonia and had to reschedule my dr appt. its lasted 2 weeks, im out of morphine, 50mg 3x day and going thru terrible withdrawls. The Dr. refuses to write a new prescription unless i can come in for a drug test!! i live alone and cannot drive in this condition. is there...

by User avatar notinbutpain308559

prominent fibrohazed densities right upper lobe

Answered by a doctor

does this ruled out as ptb already?before i have a repeat cheast xray pa view i had a apicordotic view xray which has an impression of pneumonitis but in the right upper lobe. i just don't have the signs and symptoms of a ptb though.i am so confused.kindly someone help me.

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Pneumonia a year ago and pain now

Answered by a doctor

Hello, last October I had pneumonia and needed 2 rounds of antibiotics.  I've been fine but these past 2 weeks. I feel discomfort, somewhat pain on my left lung where I had the pneumonia and in my upper back left side as well.  I have this feeling like always wanting to crack my back for...

by User avatar TeenaDee

Symptoms after treatment for pneumonia

Answered by a doctor

2 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and started antibiotics. I never had a fever or chills, just a bad cough, shortness of breath and chest and upper back pain. Within a few days I felt great and seemed to be pretty much better once I finished the antibiotics. Today, 4 days after...

by User avatar Joy99144065

lung issues and cold weather?

Answered by a doctor

Can cold weather cause lung sensitivity? Or maybe the drastic change from 50 degrees to 30 degrees in one day? My son has been dx with pneumonia and is miserable - we live in a state with cold winters and he's always bad from Jan-Mar. Could it be climate related? Thanks

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chest pains when it gets cold

Answered by a doctor

As soon as the weather gets cold I start to get chest pains. They kind of go in and out and happen even when I am not directly in the cold. I know that I have a little congestion and usually get bronchitis once a year around this time. Should I be concerned about the chest pains? I am not sick...

by User avatar MissMariB89106