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Cold Nauseous shaking

Answered by a doctor

Last night I was on the computer doing my homework and suddenly i felt a little dizzy. i layed on my bed because i thought maybe the computer got me dizzy from doing my homework all day and i started to feel faintish and nauseous. i was really cold and i started to shake. i ran to the bathroom...

by User avatar geenaz87292

What is Pneumonia?

Answered by a doctor

Pneumonia is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by an infection. As the infection worsens, inflammation develops in the lungs and sufferers may experience asthma-like symptoms and develop a severe cough. Although serious, pneumonia is treatable. The key is catching the illness in it's...

by User avatar Guest

Pseudomona aureginosa test came positive on faringe.

Hello all, I work at a Call Center with around 2000 people working there. I have been getting ill lots of time but when going to the doctor, every one prescribed FLU medicine and shots. Problem persisted by having fever and throat pain. Finally, my doctor decided to have a different approach and...

by User avatar john_paul12593

Perihiler infiltrates information

what are perihilar infiltrates?and their connection to pnumonia

by User avatar guleena

Is it possible to cure Acute Interstitial Pneumonia?

Answered by a doctor

My aunt was rushed to hospital this morning and I just got a phone call with the news - she was diagnosed with Acute Interstitial Pneumonia. That is all that I know for the time being and I cannot even go and see here because she is in the Intensive Care Unit where there are no visitors allowed....

by User avatar meara1257143501

hypersensative pneumonitits??

Hi, I am 27 years old male and I am coughing for few weeks already. I also had slight fever and muscle aches. I have noticed that such symptoms usually occur when I am in dusty places. I have talked with my good friend who is doctor and he told me that it may be hypersensative pneumonistis. I don't...

by User avatar Guest

klebsiella pneumonia

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am diagnosed with pneumonia caused by Klebsiella pneumonia. How serious is this condition? I have urinary infections reoccurring often and get flu every winter.

by User avatar culkin2720

Pnuemonia symptoms

Last week my doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia. I was surprised because I had no symptoms except mild abdominal pain. My question is about pneumonia in general. What's causing it and what are the most common symptoms?

by User avatar Guest

night and day sweats followed by chills

I am 51 years old. I have had a few moderate night sweats over the last several years,but never like this.I suffered from bacterail pnemonia in late dec.of 2007.I was in the icu on a vent for 7 days,then after not responding to the antibotics I under went surgery to remove caked on pnemonia on my...

by User avatar gloria

herbs for walking pneumonia

Answered by a doctor

I regularly suffer from walking pneumonia, and I am usually fine after a while, but I am looking for some herbs that can speed up the recovery time for walking pneumonia, and make me feel a bit better while I am fighting it off. Do you know if there is any such thing? If you have walking pneumonia...

by User avatar renault1413150676