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constant chest infections

:( Hi please can anyone tellme how to get rid of contstant chest infections? I have to take steroids most of the time as when one infection goes another is forming? thanks sharon

by User avatar sharonbenny46649

Could this be pneumonia?

Answered by a doctor

I have chronic sinusitis and for the past 2 years I've had pneumonia once each year. For the past week I started sneezing about 4 or 5 times a day. 3 days ago I felt like my throat was closing up and I couldn't breath. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me some supplements, a spray...

by User avatar Andy_Carl_Moment161012

chlamedia pneumoniae

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm middle aged man and I was hopping that someone could tell me more about this disease I'm suffering from all these years. Few years ago after several angina attacks I have contacted my cardiologist and during some heart ultrasound he determined that I have problems with atherosclerosis,...

by User avatar thorsen1194

Can bacteria Legionella cause pneumonia?

Answered by a doctor

I know a little bit about Legionella, in that I have heard it mentioned on the news from time to time, and I know that it can be fatal. I didn't know that Legionella infections can cause al kinds of secondary diseases though, including, I think, pneumonia? Is this true? Can Legionella cause...

by User avatar isaiah1709136166

My sister has walking pneumonia

Answered by a doctor

My sister in law is in the hospital and she has been diagnosed with walking pneumonia. She has been in the hospital for almost two weeks. She is on life support. She can't breathe on her own. They have tried to take her off at least 3 or 4 times and have been unsuccessful. She pulled the...

by User avatar yeah54right159811

stamp on my lung and it is caused by phenemonia

Hello, I'm 22 years old man.I had been affect by pneumonia while I was child age, now a days when I take x-ray that time it my x-ray report shows there is a stamp on my lung caused by pneumonia.I want to know how to remove that because it blocked to get my working visa for abroad.I would...

by User avatar Guest

Pneumonia with Asthmatic symptoms

Answered by a doctor

Is it possible that pneumonia could have caused asthma? My daughter has pneumonia few years ago, and she was doing well, but she has those allergies. She often has strange sensation in her chest and then she can’t bread properly. I think that pneumonia triggered asthmatic symptoms in her. Is it...

by User avatar Guest

Pneumonitis caused by air-conditioner

I recently have installed air-conditioner in my home and also at about the same time I started coughing and simply feel ill. My neighbor says that I might be having pneumonitis caused by air-conditioner. So is it possible getting this pneumonitis because of air-conditioner? I really feel ill and...

by User avatar Guest

is wheezing danger?

Answered by a doctor

my wife is pregnant now. at the delivery time will it danger?

by User avatar Guest

not able to keep food down.after effects of pneumonia or cancer?

Answered by a doctor

after having pneumonia 67 yr old man is unable to keep anything down.he has lost 30 lbs. drs cannot find the source of his has been going on for weeks now and all they can do is keep giving him fluids through an iv

by User avatar stymydog2320403