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How to reduce pollen allergy symptoms in pregnancy?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I’m three months pregnant. Everything is ok but I’m worried because I’m allergic to pollen and soon it will be everywhere. As I know, it’s not good to use allergy medications during pregnancy. Does anybody know how to reduce pollen allergy symptoms in pregnancy? Please,...

by User avatar alayne33989

Is a sore throat a symptom of an pollen allergy?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I have a problem. I feel constant pain in my throat for few last days. I think that I maybe allergic to pollen. I’m not sure about it but I don’t want to go to doctor. Can somebody who knows something about pollen allergy tell me is a sore throat a symptom of an pollen allergy?

by User avatar Guest

my wife and i seem to be experiencing the same illnesses over the years. Can it be caused by a mold?

my wife and i seem to be experiencing the same illnesses over the years all our joints hurt fatuige migriane tired all the time there could be mold in our downstairs bedrooms which are empty kids moved awaty our bedroom is directly above the worst room we are in our late 50s and we both can barely...

by User avatar richard

dry eyes, ears, nose and lips...allergies or something else?

Answered by a doctor

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out if I have allergies, or some sort of nutritional deficiency or what- I thought I would ask here, to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar... 1. I've always had ears that get plugged regularly. This has always been easily remedied by using olive...

by User avatar katherinerine9178

Hay fever and antihistamines worked until this year, nasal sprays don't work

Hello everyone! I've been having (probably) hay fever for around 5 or 6 years around June/the beginning of July. With every year it's getting worser and worser, but until now I really didn't care about it - I bought some OTC antihistamines and they worked fine. But this year...mildly... IT'S...

by User avatar milono349838

Can it be a cold or allergies?

Answered by a doctor

I have a sore throat congestion in my head running nose and have a funny nose can it be a cold or allergies? The frist symthoms that I got were that I had I funny feeling in my nose... And I have watery eyes! What can it be?

by User avatar Guest

Swollen eyes and face. Hayfever??

Answered by a doctor

My eyelids and under my eyes have been swollen every morning for the past three days. In fact my entire face feels a little swollen and tight. They go down a little during the day. The doctor said it is hayfever, but antihistamines have not worked. My nose is a little runny, but I do not have...

by User avatar Guest

Is blue mucus dangerous

I have mould in my 130 yr old house. I have hashimotos disease, chronic sinusitis, and for a week have had severe headaches and blue mucus. Please help.

by User avatar Guest

is my house making me sick?

I have lived in my double wide home for 16 years it only has dirt under it. About 6 years we had a really wet spring & summer my house got a really strong musty smell to it. I bought this stuff off the Internet that you spray on the mold and it's suppose to kill the mold spores which must have...

by User avatar Sue

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