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nose have pollen

what is the herbal medicine for nose have pollen?

by User avatar enrique manalang

side effects of xyzal

Where can I find information about allergy medication? I am hoping to learn more about xyzal used for treating allergies, and the side effects that are associated with xyzal. As a person with a few different allergies, I am also sometimes overly senstive to medication and I want to know if xyzal is...

by User avatar sammie90159338

Airborne allergies

Hi, I have problems with my nose sneezing all the time. Sometimes, I wake up with swollen glands in neck area. My doctor suspects an airborne allergy. What could be the cause of my allergy?

by User avatar jewel635

Air-duct allergens

Hi, I have allergy manifested in runny nose, cough, swollen nose and throat. I did tests to determine what am I allergic to, but there was no result. I have trouble breathing, and this means I have allergens in air-ducts. How can this be prevented?

by User avatar Guest

What are the most common allergens?

Hi, guys. Have many friends that suffer from a certain type of allergy. I think they are all allergic to different items. I would like to know what the most common allergens are. Can anyone provide me this piece of info? I hope answering to my post won’t bother you much. Thank you in advance....

by User avatar chen75294216

Preventing regular hay fever?

Hello. I am a guy 17 years old and I am allergic to pollen. It surprises me always in the same time of the year, and I can not run away from it. But my hay fever isn't mild. I often have headaches, and don't feel well because of the pollen in the air. Is there a way I could somehow prevent it?

by User avatar thorsten32093

Mold and Fatigue

Answered by a doctor

My boyfriend and I moved into a small cabin in north to work. The cabin had a large, there was a couch on the porch, and the main room had our desk and beds, and not much else in it. We noticed immediately a black mold covering the sides and back of the couch, but thought little of it, not really...

by User avatar Guest


I would appreciate some information about hayfever. I have this as long as I can remember and it is going on my nerves. Why some people have it and others don’t?

by User avatar Guest

Molds affect moods too

Answered by a doctor

Mold is present in around 40% of all American homes. Fungi have been found to irritate the upper-respiratory tract and cause coughing, wheezing and asthma symptoms in people with allergic antibodies to them. A new study published at the American Journal of Public Health suggests that mold may be...

by User avatar Jannie3486

Overcoming allergies is possible

Elizabeth White encountered peanut allergy at the age of 1, when she was given a nibble of a peanut butter cracker. Within minutes, her airways got swollen and shut and she started grasping for air. Such a small amount of peanut was enough to trigger a severe allergic reaction and lead a toddler to...

by User avatar Tim