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polen allergy

Answered by a doctor

I have few friends with pollen allergy. Sometimes I feel stupid when I don’t understand their problem. As I never had such a problem as pollen or any other allergy is, like anyone in my family, I don’t know anything about it. I would like to hear some thing that I am interested in. What is hay...

by User avatar Guest

Mystery Bumps on minora lip

I have posted many questions about this but most of them don't get answered. start of Nov I started getting tiny (*) bumps on the lip minora, entrance of vagina and sides of the lip. Along with the bumps a started to burn and bleed when peeing doc told me it was a simple uti. I went to get tested...

by User avatar silverbunny15131608

What air purifiers work best for pollen alergies?

Hi, I am 21 years old and I am having some breathing issues, developed from my pollen allergy. I am using medications, but I would like to try some other, different approach. Can you help me out here? What air purifiers work best for pollen allergies? I am sick and tired of all those meds I use.

by User avatar wald36245

Is there a good way to reduce symptoms of pollen allergies?

Hello, I am 34 years old and I have been having problems with pollen allergies for several months now. Honestly, I am not even sure how I got it; I thought it's something you get as a child, not later. Anyway, is there a good way to reduce symptoms of pollen allergies? Do you have any experience...

by User avatar zak23455921

sudden elevation happens in spring along with adrenalin surg

Hi, my BP remains low--120/70, except for spikes in the spring allergy months, along with increased irregular heartbeat. I know my adrenal in surging as well as I also feel anxious and shaky , among a host of other symptoms--all seeming to happen during this time period only. any clues?

by User avatar Guest

What over the counter drugs to buy for pollen alergy?

Hi, I am 24 years old and I am getting tired of dealing with my pollen allergy. At first, I did not want to take meds, I though that getting rid of all the weed and grass in my backyard will do the trick, but that was highly ineffective. I mean, there are plants everywhere, not just around my house....

by User avatar glory35988

Do I need air purifier in car if I'm allergic to pollen?

Hello, folks. I have been diagnosed with pollen allergy. Sometimes, my nose can be very closed and this is driving me nuts. I wonder if I really need air purifier in car if I’m allergic to pollen. I travel a lot by car since my job requires this. I hope someone will know to answer me this....

by User avatar edgar124259961

nasal problems because of hay fever

i suffer really bad with hay fever. but i seem to have a runny nose all year round. and sometimes my nose gets completely blocked just like when you get a cold. wot could be the problem?

by User avatar marazion9981349

I'm allergic to pollen. Does it mean that I'm allergic to honey?

Hello, my friends. I was wondering something. I have been diagnosed with pollen allergy. Since this is the case, I wonder if this means that I am allergic to honey as well. Can anyone tell me whether this is true or not? I will really appreciate your answers considering this topic.

by User avatar amos151254186

allergic response

What is the most common allergic response? I have problems with eyes and nose every spring and first half of summer in last 5 years. I really got sick and tired of it, but it seems that there is no definite cure, only medicaments that help a bit. What am I supposed to do? Will running nose follow me...

by User avatar auberon25834