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What's the duration of an pollen allergic reaction?

Hello, I am a mother of 9 years old girl who has just started having problems with pollen allergy. I am so afraid for her. I know that this condition, even though not that dangerous is something she will have to deal for a long time and that is driving me crazy! So, what's the duration of pollen...

by User avatar tybie66155525

Every spring I start to sneeze

Hello there. I am a guy 19 years old, and I think that I am allergic. Last few years, in the beginning of the spring, I start sneezing like hell. I don't know why. It seems, that I am allergic to something (allergic to spring ). Anyway, I was thinking how to cure this problem, if it is...

by User avatar lauritz25835

After mold exposure are allergy symptoms noticeable immediately?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! Two days ago I came to my grandma’s house. Since then I feel very bad. My nose is running all the time and today I can not stop to cough. I think that I’m allergic to mold. I wonted to know are allergy symptoms noticeable immediately after mold exposure. Thanks!

by User avatar isaac181255782

What are the first symptoms if someone is allergic to mold?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! Yesterday I came to visit my cousin. When I came to his house I started to sneeze and after an hour my eyes became red and my nose could not stop to run. I notice that here is lot of humidity. What are the first symptoms if someone is allergic to mold?

by User avatar kerby35825

Is there a way I could tell if my baby has mold allergy?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! My baby is 14 months old. I think that maybe she is allergic to mold. I’m not sure and I don’t know do I need to consult with doctor about that. I’m wondering now is there a way I could tell if my baby has mold allergy? Anybody who knows? Thanks!

by User avatar kalila120053108

Can Mold allergy symptoms grow more severe in time?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My brother suffers from mold allergy. He often had runny nose and itchy eyes and throat. We noticed that he was sneezing each time he went to our basement and after that he usually had runny nose and itchy eyes and throat for days. My mother took him to the doctor and he made some skin and...

by User avatar kylynn48909

Be Prepared For Spring Allergies

Well its almost that time of year again, baseballs spring training has started, snow is melting, birds will soon be singing and those with allergies will begin to suffer from seasonal allergies related to spring. The Farmers Almanac is predicting a very went spring which is generally bad for allergy...

by User avatar scottt64790

Air purifers

After my son is diagnosed as hyper allergic, my wife and I decided to try with air purifier. I have heard for different kinds of it while I was working. Now we want professional advice. Which one is the best and what should I take care of while I buy it. I need list of pluses and minuses so I will...

by User avatar Guest

Hacking up mucus!

Hi, I just discovered this place.. and thought this might be a good place to ask this.. I have allways had the Sniffels and my ears pop constantly sence i could rememebr and ever sence i was 20 years old (im 23 now ) I have been hacking up either yellow , or white or clear like mucus it starts...

by User avatar Guest

Head pressure

Answered by a doctor

My head has a lot of pressure all over, it feels like I am in a cloud and I am very dizzy I can't move my head too fast. when I lay down i get very dizzy. Could this be allergies?

by User avatar Michelley