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hay fever

Hello, I have a problem I would like to share with you. My son, 8 years old, have been diagnosed with hay fever. This entire situation made me really upset. I really try to be a responsible parent, but it seems that sometimes you cannot affect some things. I assume that hay fever is not that serious...

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hi my name is juan i alsowas diagnose with coccoidiodes back in 2000and they never gave any kind of treatment .now back in 2005 it came back and doctors all they do is give some levaquin :and a shot of ceftriaxonabut that is not doing the job.I cant see no lung specalist cause i dont have no...

by User avatar boss697808

What types of pollen most commonly cause allergic reactions?

I must admit that each spring I start feeling nervous because of the problems that await me. I have allergic reactions to pollen and it looks like it is something that will follow me for a long time. The symptoms are far from drastic but they are present and are causing me problems. I would like to...

by User avatar westley62255472

Could it be Herxing?

Hello. I have some problems and they represent a big misery for me. About three months ago I started to notice a red rash develops or followed by a flu-like illness. I don’t know what could cause this reaction. I haven’t been bitted be any insects or anything similar. I just want to mention...

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Trees that produce allergenic pollen?

I would like some info about the allergic rhinitis and the things that cause it. I need to know what plants, trees exactly, produce that troublesome allergenic pollen? It looks to me that my problem with allergic rhinitis is becoming more and more chronic and it frightens me. What can I do to stop...

by User avatar merci151490477

your experience with Bee-Pollen tablets?

Can you tell me something about your experience with Bee-Pollen tablets? I have heard several interesting things about their effectiveness when it comes to improving overall health due to many minerals and vitamins it contain. Then again, I also head that it is far from true, and that this product...

by User avatar jourdan37527

When seasonal allergies usually occur?

Hi, I have a 7 years old kid and now that he has started going to school, he is constantly ill. Nothing big, mild colds and running nose but I am afraid that he might get affected by some sort of allergy. When do seasonal allergies usually occur? Can he get the allergy from other kids? Or am I just...

by User avatar johna145194961

Best relief for hay fever symptoms?

Could anyone tell me what would be the best drugs or natural supplements for relieving the symptoms of pollen allergy?

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Allergies affecting my face

I hate spring and all those allergies affecting my face! It is not that its something that much visible, but itching is unbearable. I have been taking some anti allergic pills, but their effect is short term and I just dont know what to do. I guess that a fact Im living in a house with big yard...

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mold allergy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am a person who likes to take long walks trough the park. Of course, the walks are most satisfying in the spring. Since my favorite period of the year has started, couple of weeks ago I went out for my usual walk. Nothing special was going on except for my "behavior". I started sneezing, my...

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