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Urine Leakage post C-section

Answered by a doctor

Hi All, I have a had a c-section 4 months back. From past few days, urine leaks out whenever i try to sit up even when my bladder isn't full. It is very embarassing. Pls help.

by User avatar Guest

I had an abortion now i am preg. Will the abortion harm baby

Answered by a doctor

I had an abortion in Jauary of this year. I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant... Will that previous abortion hurt or effect my baby now??

by User avatar Randi84

Had sex with 2 guys 6 days apart. 2 ultrasounds both indicate the same due date. Who is the father?

My LMP was Nov 18. Had unprotected sex on Nov 22nd with guy#1 and in the Nov 28th with guy #2. Had 2 ultrasounds both indicate due date of August 22nd. Who is the father?

by User avatar Kizzibee

first week pregnant and have stomach pain!

Answered by a doctor

:-( i'm only like 1 week pregnant but i'm aleady getting stomache pai is there anthing i can eat to get rid of this i alredy tried salt, and i dont have vitamiens for it the stores are closed to

by User avatar LOCA101

Intercourse with 2 men during fertile days. Whos more likely the father?

Answered by a doctor

Ok im not proud of myself at all :/. So I got my period on Sept 14, 2013 I don't know how long my cycles are I've never paid attention to them. I had unprotected sex with the first man on Sept 25, 2013 around 3 am. Then I had protected sex with no breaks or leaks with the second man on Sept 28, 2013...

by User avatar mandee

3 weeks pregnant, my stomach is hard is that possible??

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my last period was august 2, but on august 8 i had my first sexual encounter with my boyfriend. We didn't have sex directly but he touch himself and after that he fingered me 3 times. Im really scared becuase eventhough he says i cant be pregnant (it's been 3 weeks since that) im starting to...

by User avatar Guest

gravol while pregnant

Answered by a doctor

I was just wondering if i can take gravol while being pregnant i feel very sick sometimes and just wanted to know if it was safe??

by User avatar jenl52

how to avoid pregnancy with medicine???

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I m a 23 years old girl..I m Pregnant & it is only 2 weeks..but i dont want baby..Pls could some1 tell me,is there any good medicine to terminate? as i dont want to do abortion..If any1 know abt any medicine thn pls tell me the medicine's name & website address or mailing...

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Bleeding at 5 Weeks

So Im 5 weeks pregnant and on Wednesday I had my first prenatal appointment, which included an internal exam and a vaginal ultrasound. On Thursday morning I started spotting a light pink, then Friday it turned to brown , and yesterday it turned into bright red. Its lighter than a period but heavier...

by User avatar SunKissed

Pregnant with 9th child. Does having so many children mean that I'm at risk of having early labor?

33 weeks Pregnant with 9th child have 22month old twins as well that keep me going all day I am wondering if having so many children can I have more risks like early labour I have put on more weight with this pregnancy then I ever have so I think that's a concern 

by User avatar Mumma88