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getting pregnant while on methadone

Answered by a doctor

let me start by saying i have 1 beautiful healthy almost 3 year old baby girl. since then i've had one miscarriage about a year and a half ago. and about 9 months ago i started taking methadone. once i started that, my periods stopped for about 6 months, then started up again, though they are...

by User avatar sunshineDCLXVI4021

Is Midnight the beginning of a new day?

Is midnight the beginning of a new day? If I had sex after midnight and conceived. Should I count e.g 30th April or 1st April?

by User avatar Guest

if I conceived after midnight is my conception day the next one?

Hullo, If I conceived e.g on today 30th April after midnight, do i count it as a new day 1st May or it remains the same day 30th?

by User avatar Guest

Had sex with two men two days apart, I think that my cycle is 30 days

My LMP started on 27/12/2017 and ended on 29th. I had sex with my husband on 11 January 2018 and had sex with someone else on 12th. He didn't ejaculate inside me. I again had sex with my husband on 13 - 17th. I'm not so sure about my cycle but think it is 30 days. I went for scan on the 11th of Feb...

by User avatar Guest

using cyclogest in pregnancy can it cause a negative result?

I was due on 8th May 2008 and didnt come on so took a preg test which showed positive did the other one and that also said positive, I have had 8 pregnancys out of which i have the one daughter the rest all misscarried. The doc has put me on Cyclogest and i have bought loads of cheap cheap preg...

by User avatar becky

Positive experience while taking Subutex during pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

I decided to reach out and start a thread to help other pregnant addicts out there taking subutex.  I was clean for over a year with the help of Suboxone when I found out I was pregnant.  My doctor switched me to Subutex immediately after telling her about my pregnancy.  My doctor was very...

by User avatar ReadyforBaby

Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Abdominal Pressure/cramping?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I'm 25 year old female and I just the other day I found out that I'm pregnant. That was terrific news for me and I was ready to live through all symptoms that pregnancy cause just for a pleasure and power of giving life. It all started with morning sickness and nausea and it was terrible for me...

by User avatar Guest

28 weeks pregnant, don’t know what to do. Our financial status isn't stable

My boyfriend of 3 years and I just found out I am pregnant, 28 weeks, which is too late to get an abortion. We already have a 14 month old baby girl and our financial status isn’t all that stable. We know we can’t afford to raise another baby, being as we’re in such a tight spot now. I feel...

by User avatar MommyRose

How to convince wife to have kids

Answered by a doctor

We have been married for quite a while, but my wife still does not want to have kids. I on the other hand consider having kids as the most important thing in a marriage. Her reasons are :- a) she does not want to go through 9 mths of pregnancy b) she says that having kids will take up too much of...

by User avatar aces6835383

Who would be the Father? My ex girlfriend cheated on me and she's now 26 weeks pregnant

Alright this is a little difficult my ex cheated on me on October 11 or the 17th 2017. We had intercourse 24,26,and the 30th of October. She is now pregnant and is now 26 weeks pregnant I already took a paternity test waiting on the result. Her last LMP from what she said was October 22 but when she...

by User avatar Deathstoke117364605