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Who is the father? I am 35 weeks pregnant and had last menstruation in May of 2018

Hi I'm a little confuse. I am 35 weeks pregnant my dye dare 26th Feb. My last menstrual p was 22/05/18. I had sexual intercourse with guy A on the 3/06/18 And guy B 12/06/18. I feel terrible about this.

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I need to find out who would be the father of my child. I had unprotected and protected sex

Hi, plz help me guyz!Im in a big tension.My LMP was on oct 16 2018 and had sex with man#1 on 26th unprotected and man#2 on 29th with condom.And my cycle is irregular.Doctor tld me im concieved on 30th oct and my due date is on july 23 2019 need to know who wuld b the father of my child plzzz help me...

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dmso and pregnancy - is it safe???

dmso and pregnancy - is it safe???

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Pregnancy & Gynaecosid

Answered by a doctor

I found out that I was like 3 weeks pregnant, and although i'm planning to get married to the father next year, we are not ready for the baby due to many reasons. My friend suggested GYNAECOSID PILLS which I took five days ago being a Monday, and except for slight cramps and some rise in...

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Re: being pregnant with endometriosis

Answered by a doctor

Hi i suffer with endometriosis for 3 years the doctors told me the i would probably never be able to conceive to have children. with endometriosis I am six weeks pregnant now but last night i started to bleed like i was having a normal period i ave no pain but my bleeding occurs off and on i went to...

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I am 14 and pregnant and on a lot of depression medications. How can I tell my mom?

Answered by a doctor

hi I am 14 and pregnant and I am on a lot of meds for depression 1 have no idea how to tell my mom... what do I do ? please help

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I had a surgery for ruptured appendicitis 4 months ago. Now I'm pregnant. Any complications?

4 months i had a surgery, rapture appendicitis. now i am pregnant. what will happen in my surgery?  

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Im 4 months pregnant and been taking Tramadol the whole pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

I have been addicted to Tramdol for over 2 years. I found out that I am pregnant, I am 4 months along now and still take Tramadol. I only take like 2 a day though. So I was wondering if this will affect my baby in any way?? I hear different things from different people.

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Pregnant with double uterus & bleeding!

 I got pregnant on August 20th.  On October 15 of this month I started spotting I immediately called my Doctor. And they got me in for a emergency ultrasound and that’s when they discovered that I had two uteruses. In uterus #1 she said that you could see the sack and the...

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loss of appetite during early pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

can i lose my appetite after 1 week of pregnancy

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