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5 Weeks Pregnant with Mild Cramping on Right Side of Abdemon

Answered by a doctor

I am 5 weeks along and I have had constant it seems cramping on my right side. It is the same kind of cramping I feel when I ovulate. I just wanted to know if it is anything to be concerned about and I also have a feeling of heaviness or bloating in my lower stomach. I am just wanting to make sure...

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3 weeks pregnant, my stomach is hard is that possible??

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my last period was august 2, but on august 8 i had my first sexual encounter with my boyfriend. We didn't have sex directly but he touch himself and after that he fingered me 3 times. Im really scared becuase eventhough he says i cant be pregnant (it's been 3 weeks since that) im starting to...

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constant sleeping and severe weakness while pregnant. i'm currently in first trimester

hi i am 2 months pregnant and the last few days have been horrible..constant sleeping shaking throwing up and feel weaker and weaker by the day..what do i do

by User avatar newmama18365578

who possibly could be my child’s father? with one I'm TTC for years and other one has 3 kids

I need some help . My last cycle was November 24 & it lasted four days . I had protected sex with Man A on November 30. I had unprotected sex with Man B on December 3rd and he nutted inside me , but me and Man B have been trying to conceive for years & still no results , Man A has three kids...

by User avatar LadyPatterson365388

5 Months Pregnant- not showing.

I'm a little concerned because I just hit 5 months in my pregnancy. I see photos of women at my same stage and they really are showing. I'm a little on the heavier side but I would still think I would be showing a little bit- Seems like I have a slight bump but thats all. My doctor says I'm on the...

by User avatar Dreamfusion20108

confused who's the father of my baby. I had one night stand

My last period was on 3rd September 2017..I slept with my boyfriend once or twice in a week,but on the 27th of September I had a 1 nite stand with a different guy and a different guy on the 1st of October..I missed out on my period on October..who kud be the father of my confused

by User avatar Kelly 365027

Pregnancy after appendectomy. Will I have any problems when it comes to birth?

Hi . I have a question . hope it will be answered here . I had an appendectomy/eppendicitis last sep 25 2017 . and I am 1 month pregnant now . is there any problem when the time comes of giving birth ? Or any complications ? Thank you in advance for the answers . :)

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Weight gain white on progesterone supplements during pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

:-( Hi... I have been asked to take progesterone supplements (Gestofit) 200 mg 3 times a day while was in my first trimester...after that it was reduced to 2 times a day..currently i m in my 4th month..n i hav noted significant weight gain as much as 9 kgs in a span of 3 months inspite of eating...

by User avatar Archana

Is Hydroxyzine safe during pregnancy?

I am in a third month of pregnancy and so far, there werent any problems, except that I am constantly nervous. My friend recommended me hydroxyzine, the drug she used when she was pregnant. She told me that her health status improved very fast after starting the therapy. Is hydroxyzine safe during...

by User avatar kial31629

I had sex with two guys 6 days apart

I had sex with two guys 6 days apart guy number 1 on November 20th 2017 and guy number 2 November 23 and 25 of 2017 and my due date is august 19th of 2018 who's Most likely to be the father please any answers? 

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