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I'm 7 weeks pregnant. Is it ok to still have sex?

I am7 weeks pregnant, Is it ok to still have sex or will that hurt my baby?

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Pregnant or Not?

i had a normal period on March 6th and Another Normal Period on April 1st. We had unprotected sex at the time of that cycle. It is now April 12th and i am discharging small amounts of blood and clots- when i wipe I am also seeing a brown coloured discharge, but only have small amounts of discharge...

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can you get pregnant before your period

can you get pregnant before your period but still have your period and how long does it take to have a positive pregnancy test after conception?!?

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Early Pregnancy,But i have a question

Okay So i just found out I was Pregnant a couple Days ago,And tonight I just checked My cervix and Its open.. Is this normal will it close as i get further along in My pregnancy?..I'm Only 17 and I dont want to miscarry This is My first Pregnancy and im Scared

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I'm pregnant. Should I take folic acid every day now?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I need some help regarding food supplement and vitamins that pregnant women should use. I have to say that I believe in natural minerals, those that come from fruit and vegetables and I am not thrilled with supplement products. So, I am pregnant and I am thinking about the use of the folic acid....

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dark floating stools

Answered by a doctor

I am pregnant, and have server morning sickness and I have foating dark stinky stools

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I want a Baby

I am about to be 30 years old.  And I want more than anything to have another Baby!!!   My daughter is 8 now, and I had some severe complications. My husband decided that rather than risk  losing me he didn't want to try for any more kids, and got a Vasectomy.  I have been wanting another baby...

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am i at risk for a etopic pregnancy

hi my name is jayme and this is my 8th pregnancy i am 26 years ol and i just had a baby 4 months ago.i have some abdominal discomfort but not cramping just tender on my right side of im not sick in any oher way and i dont have bleeding but im worried none the less i pee frequently and my...

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Hi I am almost 28 weeks pregant with my first child, I have noticed the discharge called leukorrhea sometimes It shows up again...I ask my OB all the time if it might be a yeast infection he does a swab and it comes back negative, however lately I have noticed that my vagina feels swollen. I went in...

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beta hcg references in early pregnacy

I need information about beta hcg references in early pregnancy. I am trying to conceive. What is the right time to do beta hcg test? Is beta hcg positive test final prove that I am pregnant?

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