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Hi I am almost 28 weeks pregant with my first child, I have noticed the discharge called leukorrhea sometimes It shows up again...I ask my OB all the time if it might be a yeast infection he does a swab and it comes back negative, however lately I have noticed that my vagina feels swollen. I went in...

by User avatar Misty

beta hcg references in early pregnacy

I need information about beta hcg references in early pregnancy. I am trying to conceive. What is the right time to do beta hcg test? Is beta hcg positive test final prove that I am pregnant?

by User avatar kloberdanz2151

just found out am pregant, i was on the pill having periods

hi, have been reading, about some of the worries about pregancies, have just found out am pregant, i was on the pill having periods, everything, this is my second time i have been caught, first was my fault ofc, i took a break from the pill the first time , but this time i didnt , i have 2 children...

by User avatar alison75106867

will senokot send a pregnant woman into labour?

My sister is in her 6th month of pregnancy and I have to admit that we are all very happy for her. Especially because of the fact that pregnancy progresses well, without any problems. Still, my sister hears a lot of stories from her friends and pregnant women at the hospital that give her funny...

by User avatar tiertza44763

Health, prenancy, hot tub. Possible pregnancy?

I was recently in a hot-tub with a girl and I put in and pulled out, the hot-tub had a lot of bleach in it, is it possible for her to be pregnant even though I didn't ejaculate other than pre-cum

by User avatar deathspawn

cramping in the fifth month

hello my name is nena and i am 26 years old and five months pregnant and having some very weird pains in my stomack . they some times are shap and then somtimes they are just like haveing alot presser . I am still feeling the baby move and he moves alot but i never felt this befor and i have 4 other...

by User avatar nenaepperly

is gazelle safe during pregnancy?

hi, i'm 36 and pregnant for the first time. I am 6 weeks pregnant and would like to know if it is safe for me to use my gazelle as it is my main form of exercise. thanks.

by User avatar angel

left abnominal pain while orgasming

I'm having left abnomal pain when reach organism. I was detected 3mm cyst two months ago, and now I'm four months pregnant.

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I had toxemia when I was pregnant and ended up having my baby at 24 weeks. What I'm asking is, is toxemia a poison and does it poison the body?

by User avatar vdrjo

i got a period while pregnant does this mean i loose my baby

i found out i was pregnant 4 days ago....i took an in home test that said positive. this morning i got up with really bad cramps, back pain, but no bleeding. later i got the this a miscarriage?

by User avatar Guest