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withdrawl symptoms from saboxone and prozac

my daughter is 2 months pregnant and is detoxing from saboxone and prozac. She had hullicinations the other night that lasted for hours and she is sleep deprived. Is this a normal side effect???

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mrsa in pregnancy

i am currently 19 weeks pregnant and i am a nurse in a local hospital, where some patients have MRSA. I have just been told by my GP that i have MRSA found in my urine, my GP has given me a weeks suply of antibiotics which i have just started, also i had nose and groin swabs taken, which i am...

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I am 8 weeks pregnant and have 3 healthy girls, but I've had for 3 days a pinkish discharge once a day. Please advise

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when your pregnancy would be considerd full term

I was just wondering when your pregnancy would be considerd full term because ive looked on the internet and theres controversy over whether its 36 weeks or 37 weeks because im 37 weeks tomorrow and was wondering. Any inputs would be helpful

by User avatar Sally J9179

Light spot noticed on fetus heart

Hello, I am 33 years old and I am in my second month of pregnancy. I know that I am far gone from perfect time for pregnancy, ten years and more, right? Still, I do hope that there will be nothing wrong with my child. I have had a couple of ultrasounds and everything was ok until the last time....

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Up the duff

I have just fount out I'm pregnant but I have slept with 3 men within 7 days how would I know who my babies father is?

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pregnancy third trimester still nursing my old one who is one and a half....

pregnancy third trimester still nursing my old one who is one and a half.... and getting contractions

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Pregnancy exercises

I would like if someone can recommend me pregnancy exercises. I am 3 months pregnant and I already put on lot of weight. I have cramps and feel swollen all the time. I guess due the water retention. Any advice?

by User avatar houde264

hi i had a ivf, i had a test lastnight and im pregnant, but yesterday i start bleeding quiet a lot

Answered by a doctor

hi i had a ivf treatment and yesterday i had a test is positive but i start bleeding yesterday and today i quiet lot and is very dark and a little solid. im very scared what might had happen to me. please help me. :-(

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i'm 7 weeks pregnant and my stomach is still like this jelly like thing does that mean something is wrong with me please help me find answer

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