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Can you take demerol while pregnant?

Hello! I am pregnant and I need advice. Namely, doctor prescribed me Demerol because of my headaches. I know that that taking drugs in pregnancy is not recommended, so, I am concerned should I take this medicine or not. My friend told me that this drug could be fatal for my baby. Is that true?

by User avatar isaac32262

bloating in pregnancy

hi im due to come on my period in 4 days but i think im pregnant my stomach has started to really bloat and almost looks like a bump ive had lots of other signs too is it normal to feel so bloated this early on ?

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Unsure about the father

My last period was October 25th and I was having sex with my boyfriend . We broke up and I had sex with a different man on November 8 I found out I was pregnant after I took a test and my due date is July 31st who would the father be ?

by User avatar Unsuremommy

I get ringing in my ear that only last for like a minute, could this be related to my pregnancy?

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I get a ringing in my ear sometimes. I heard that tinnitus is caused from congestion and was wandering that since pregnant women get stuffy sinuses if that's why I get ringing in one of my ears?

by User avatar sweet_nirvana8864929

i dont remember my last period but im a few months pregnant and not sure if the dad is my fiances

on september 11 i found out i was 7 weeks pregnant when would i of gotten pregnant

by User avatar mamastb23330884

can strep throat harm a pregnancy

can the baby be harmed if you have strep throat during a pregnancy if not treated asap

by User avatar Guest

if exposed while pregnant in presence of someone with mono is their concern

my daughter inlaw is expecting and someone at our home was at end of mono run Is it dangerous for the expectant mother.

by User avatar morris

Concerned at 4 weeks

I am 4 weeks pregnant, and I've been bleeding light to moderate amounts for the past week.  Last night I passed a small amount of tissue, and it was fairly reddish color.  I've taken 4 tests over the past week, and they've gone from very faint positive on the first day, to very solid positive the...

by User avatar Guest

juvinlle diabetes and pregnancy

Hello! I have been suffering from juvenile diabetes ever since I was a teenager. Today, I am 28 years old and am thinking of starting a family. I would like to know what my option of becoming pregnant are and if I have good options what I should be watching for? Thank you very much!

by User avatar Guest

BirthControl Pills & Ejaculation

Hello, I am a 20 year old female and I have been having sex with my boy friend for the past 5 months, very often. We've had a lot of pregnancy scares where he often precame in me, we both got emotional, swore we wouldn't be careless, prayed everything would work out, but I took the morning pill...

by User avatar Someone12345952