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Subutex withdrawal and pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

I was prescribed vicodin starting in 2004 which I took on and off from then until 2006. I was then switched to percs and then to oxys. April 24 of last year I went into suboxine (sp?) treatment and then switched to subutex when I found out I was pregnant in November. I started weaning then, I...

by User avatar k8egirl110287

Whose the father of my baby?

Ok so My last period was nov 24 2013 and I had sex on December 1 with a guy and we used a condom and I'm pretty sure it did not break. However I got back together with my boyfriend December 8th and we had unprotected sex and he came inside of me and we had unprotected sex like that from the 8th to...

by User avatar Guest62826

pink tint during urination

i am 20 weeks pregnant and just noticed a pink tint when i go to the restroom, should i be woorried???should i go to emergency?? i currently have no pain??

by User avatar twhee

motion (ass hole tighten)

:( My wife got pregancy and nearly one month over and vomiting is still there but there is one problem that she is not going properly for motion and she told that she feel of tighten of ass hole please help me is there any solution

by User avatar nethaji_33318715

Using a heating pad while pregnant

Is it true that if you use a heating pad during the first month of pregnacy it can cause a miscarriage?

by User avatar jenniferj68320113

bleeding after sex while pregnant

Answered by a doctor

I am almost 15 weeks pregnant and I have only had sex once since we found out and I didnt bleed at all. that was about 2 or 3 weeks ago. and yesterday when we had sex I started bleeding. it wasnt just like pink spotting it was bleeding but it stopped after about 20 minutes. it that normal?

by User avatar johnsa8872777

syptoms of pre eclampsia

I have heard that preeclampsia is dangerous condition that each pregnant woman should take care. Although I have never suffered of this, while I was pregnant two times before, now I am worried. One friend of mine told me about case when her friend experienced terrible things because of it. Now I am...

by User avatar Guest

pain around the bellybutton

I am 27 weeks 2 days and it is so painful around my bellybutton. My husband is not aloud to touch my belly button when the baby kicks or at all for that matter. It really does hurt and I don’t know why. Have anyone experienced this?

by User avatar Guest

tailbone pain during pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

I am 30 years old and I am pregnant for the first time. However, I found there is a problem with me I have never experienced before. I realized I have tailbone pain that occurs during my pregnancy. Since I did not read this is normal thing in pregnancies, I am worried. Could anyone tell me what...

by User avatar Guest

eating raspberries in last week of pregnancy

can i eat lots of fresh raspberries, and it not bother my pregnancy? i am 37 weeks.

by User avatar mum2bharpo