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Is it possible ???

Ok well im 15 and i havent had a period since December 19, me and my boyfriend had sex febuary 28, is there any possibilty of me being pregnante ? My stomach is hard and my stomach feels really weird like butterflies inside

by User avatar Queens_Made

torch test during third trimester of pregnancy

I m 25 yrs old & pregnant .I m in the mid of eighth month. Everything had been well throughout till my doc advised for theTORCH TEST.CMVtest of IgM is +ve while all r -ve in the report.She has prescribed medicine for a month for thisbut i've read on the internt dat its a normal condition so I m...

by User avatar guest

Fever during pregnancy

Hi...I am 14 weeks pregnant.Few days ago i had cold,cough and mild (not high)fever for 2 days.So i took Tylenol.I want to know whether getting fever in pregnancy is harmful for the fetal development.Plz advice.I am worried.

by User avatar Guest

Whats Wrong WIth Me Im Clueless

i went to the doctors and im was pregnant and had no std's...i was fine for a couple of all the sudden this month...i get these cramps and i will spot...then it will go away...then i will cramp bad again and start spotting again...but i haven't had sex what so ever...can some one help...

by User avatar ceiceicombs150941

8 months pregnant - painful areas in my under arm or armpit. Possible lumps

I am eight months pregnant. When I press my underarm area with the tip of my finger, I can feel some pain there. I have also felt a small lump at times, but mostly the lump is not felt very clearly. My grandmother had breast cancer. My mom has lumps but those lumps are not painful. Is it possible...

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by User avatar TAMMIE BALFOUR30170

sonogram results

my name is Laura and I am 12 weeks pregnant. I went in for a dating sonogram today May 9-07. The doctor said everything looked great and that the baby had a heartbeat and that it was developing fine except for one concern there is a faint line on all the sonograms around the baby. She said it looks...

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I'm pregnant and addicted to roxicodone, I want to stop, what's the safest way?

I've been taking Roxicodone for about a year and a half now, maybe longer. When I started, it was only while I was at work to pass the time when I was bored, then it, like always, escalated into an addiction. At my worst point, I was taking anywhere from 180 - 300 mg [6 - 10 (30 mg pills)] a day,...

by User avatar p90x784

i have some conception questions freaking out

So i am pregnant about 25 weeks or so i have two due dates one by the LMP and one by ultrasound My LMP due date says 9/18/11 but my latest ultrasoiund says 09/23/11 well i made a mistake and well anyway if i was due on the 18th of sept then i conceived 12/26/10 but if my due date is 09/23/11 then...

by User avatar lexie2006

what causes fluid retention in the uterus during pregnacy and what are its implecations

what causes fluid retention in the utereus during pregnacy and what are its dangers and how can this fluid be removed without causing harm to both baby and mum?

by User avatar loise