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pains in the stomache with headaches and moodswings;

getting mood swings, feeling sick,headaches had unprotected sex 3 times could i be pregnant?

by User avatar emma

Is it safe to have gallstones removed while being pregnant

I am currently 2 months along in my pregnancy and have recently found out that I have gallstones. They have been causing me alot of pain and vomiting. The doctors want to do surgery to remove them, so I was wondering if it is safe to have them removed being that I am pregnant. I was also wondering...

by User avatar heather.herrick@mymail.nw

Positive and False Pregnancy Testing

I took a pg test yesterday and it came up a faint positive right away.  Later I took one and it said -.  My period isn't due for another 9 days.  Could I be pregnant, or was is a false negative.My breasts are slightly larger and more tender. And I am extremely tired, more so than usual, and...

by User avatar mothertobeinwaiting

STUPIEST THING EVER...may be pregnant please help :(

  Hi I'm 17 and my question is am I pregnant. I'm on the pill, last night my boyfriend and I were getting a little carried away and we ended up having unprotected sex, I know it was extremely stupid and now I'm really worried that I'm pregnant. He didn't finish while inside meUbuntu I'm worried...

by User avatar Worried and scared to death

bleeding after sex while pregnant

Answered by a doctor

i am 15 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend and I have only been sexually active twice since we found out that i am pregnant because I am so sick all the time. the firs time was normal but this time I started bleeding and it wasnt just spotting. but it ended after about 20 minutes. is that normal?

by User avatar Guest

pregnancy and amniotic fluid

how soon can you go for a test to test amniotic fluid to see if your baby is ok?

by User avatar wendy

when did i get pregnant i slept with two people?

So heres my story. My s/o and i been trying to conceive for a year & with much practice we failed every time to a point where we gave up_ "whatever happened happend". Anyway i always have had somewhat of an irregular period. ive even had ovarin cyst where Drs have told me i would eventually...

by User avatar nyali

Abdominal pain and lower back pain in early pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

Hi,     I am 25 years old. jan 2 my period was started, with doctor's advice, I took progesterone(100mg) twice a day from the 14th day(jan 16th) of menstrual. I had light reddish brown bleed on feb 30. my period is  6 days delay for this month and i feel slight abdominal and lower back pain...

by User avatar Guest

Hemp seed oil in pregnancy

Has anyone used it and how did your baby turn out? please no negative comments, it has great value for many reasons and I have done alot of research but have found it hard to find mothers accounts of actually using it and how their neonates turned out.

by User avatar Guest

methodone pregnacy disorders

I am sure that Methadone can cause disorders in newborn baby if mother uses it. Since I have sister who is pregnant and addicted to this drug, I am so much worried about her. However, when I say her she needs to quit, she told me that is not heroin. Now I would like you to tell us could Methadone...

by User avatar Guest