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help, im 7 weeks pregnant and it hurts so much..

can someone please help me? i am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. for the last week or so i have had the most agonising cramps in my lower abdomen and even when i hiccup or cough it makes my eyes water. if i go to the toilet the movement of my bowels really hurt and it feels like someone is tearing at...

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what is a molder pregnancy

what is a molder pregnancy

by User avatar molder pregnancy

stomach burns & back ache in 6 mounths pregnancy

I am 6 mounths pregnant & I have a terrible stomach burns & aches .

by User avatar Kalin

Hair Coloring While Pregnant

Hey, I am 16 weeks pregnant… I already have some grey hair, which I think is awful. I have been coloring my hair since I was 25, but I am not sure whether should I do the hair coloring while I am pregnant.

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spot on babies ultrasound

I am 34 old pregnant mother, and had a ultrasound 2 days ago; I am pregnant 14 weeks. I had an ultrasound for down syndrome. There were spots on babies ultrasound and I am very worried what this might be. My gynecologist told me this is probably not a case of down syndrome and not to worry. Any...

by User avatar gillispie57

pregnant and addicted to methadone

Answered by a doctor

I am 5 months pregnant and addicted to methadone. Im having problems getting insurance to see anyone and im scared. I take one, 10mg pill of methadone a day. More than anything I want off the methadone before I deliver the baby. I dont have money for rehab and I dont think they even have a center...

by User avatar sarah redmon