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confused who's the father of my baby. I had one night stand

My last period was on 3rd September 2017..I slept with my boyfriend once or twice in a week,but on the 27th of September I had a 1 nite stand with a different guy and a different guy on the 1st of October..I missed out on my period on October..who kud be the father of my confused

by User avatar Kelly 365027

Pregnancy after appendectomy. Will I have any problems when it comes to birth?

Hi . I have a question . hope it will be answered here . I had an appendectomy/eppendicitis last sep 25 2017 . and I am 1 month pregnant now . is there any problem when the time comes of giving birth ? Or any complications ? Thank you in advance for the answers . :)

by User avatar Guest

Weight gain white on progesterone supplements during pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

:-( Hi... I have been asked to take progesterone supplements (Gestofit) 200 mg 3 times a day while was in my first trimester...after that it was reduced to 2 times a day..currently i m in my 4th month..n i hav noted significant weight gain as much as 9 kgs in a span of 3 months inspite of eating...

by User avatar Archana

Is Hydroxyzine safe during pregnancy?

I am in a third month of pregnancy and so far, there werent any problems, except that I am constantly nervous. My friend recommended me hydroxyzine, the drug she used when she was pregnant. She told me that her health status improved very fast after starting the therapy. Is hydroxyzine safe during...

by User avatar kial31629

I had sex with two guys 6 days apart

I had sex with two guys 6 days apart guy number 1 on November 20th 2017 and guy number 2 November 23 and 25 of 2017 and my due date is august 19th of 2018 who's Most likely to be the father please any answers? 

by User avatar Guest

Anyone used Diazepam during pregnancy?

I’m on therapy with Diazepam. I have certain problem with sleeping. I think it help me. But I want to ask somebody can I use this drug if I’m pregnant. Well, I’m not pregnant but I would like to be. So, tell me, please, anyone used Diazepam during pregnancy? Thanks!

by User avatar Guest

I have been freaking out because I don't know who the father is. My last period was in August

I had protected sex with this guy i believe on August 26 or 27 and than I hhad unprotected sex on the 31st mt dr told me my consumption date was the 2 of September and I have been freaking out because I dont know who the father is my last cycle was the 15 of August who is the father

by User avatar scared chick

Who’s the father?

So I’m 32 weeks and 3 days according to my last period. My last period was on September 3rd, I had sex with my ex boyfriend on the 12th and then we quit talking and I hung out with this guy that completely took advantage of me under the influence of alcohol on the 21st. I got a positive test...

by User avatar Katemarie

Worried about paternity. I don’t know if the 8 weeks 5 days was gestational or fetal age

I made a huge mistake and cheated on my boyfriend 3/14/2018.  I took a pregnancy test on 4/04/18.  I went in for an ultrasound 4/27/18 where I was given a Dec 2 due date and measured 8 weeks 5 days. I’m so worried and feel like I’m going to have a miscarriage over stress. I don’t...

by User avatar Jay

6 weeks pregnant with sharp pains mostly on the left side of tummy

I have recently found out i am 6 weeks pregnant with our first child and am over the moon, however for the last week or so i have been feeling cramping and a dull ache low down on the left side of my tummy. Sometimes it is a shooting sharp pain but always to the left. Out of shear panic and worry i...

by User avatar jenniferbaby