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I am 9 weeks pregnant but ultrasound report 6 weeks and no fetal pole

I am 9 week pregnant but ultrasound report 6 week and no foetal peol I am very tense what can I do

by User avatar Afrin

cure for spitting in pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

would like to know how i can stop the excessive spitting in my pregnancy am thirteen weeks and the spitting just keeps getting worse would like to know what i can take to stop this

by User avatar neville542

Druge testing newborn stool

Answered by a doctor

I smoked pot off and on for about 4 months of my pregnancy to help me eat more! I have had multiple people tell me that hospitals in Ohio now drug test the baby's stool after delivery. My question is, how far back does the stool go? And, where can I find information on this? I have browsed the net...

by User avatar LidiBug86136223

is Suboxone safe to take while in the 1st trimester of pregnancy?

Answered by a doctor

I have been on Suboxone for about 6 months. I just found out I'm pregnant and am worried that the suboxone and xanax I have been taking have harmed or will harm the fetus. has anybody been in this situation and how did it turn out. I'm afraid to stop taking the suboxone, not because of withdrawal...

by User avatar jillk

pregnant with my 8th child

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I have questions about risks of having many children. I am now pregnant with my 8th child. I seem to have alot more naseau and tiredness, as well as my hips hurt alot and I have more lower aches in my pelvis/ovaries. I am about 7 weeks along. I have had 7 healthy children within the past 20...

by User avatar jminton002

11 days late, symptoms, negative hpt could i still be be pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

So, i am 18 years old and i'm about 11 days late for my period. My cycle is always 25 days long and very regular. I have never been late before. I have had head aches, nausea, heart burn, im hungry more often, and an increase in vaginal discharge (gross i know, but it is what it is). For the past...

by User avatar xcynicallysweetx79170

Pregnant, lump in lower abdomen

Answered by a doctor

I'm 9 weeks 3 days pregnant, and a couple weeks ago I noticed this strange feeling on my left side of my lower abdomen. I was laying down and brought my knees up to my stomach and it kinda felt like a bulge or swelling on my left side. Then today I felt my lower abdomen and I can feel a small lump...

by User avatar bandbaby178175

stabbing pain in right side at 37weeks pregnant!

hi ppl i need some advice plz im 37+5 and since last night i have been having this really bad stabbing pain in my stomach nearer on the right than the left tho and its got worse what could it be? xxxx :-(

by User avatar babymia5

cervical heaviness early pregnancy

I’m 4 weeks pregnant and am 29 years old. This is my first pregnancy. I would like to get an advice from more experienced women about non typical symptoms in early pregnancy. I feel something like heaviness in cervix, or inside my low abdomen. It is not actually cramping, if you understand me. Is...

by User avatar Guest

bowel problems after c-section

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 30 year old female and I have developed some serious and very unpleasant health problem since my C-section a year ago. I was been told that this operation has almost no side effects but this isn’t truth- believe me. Almost immediately after operation I started to suffer from bowel...

by User avatar Guest