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safe cure for candidiasis

Is flagystatin (a vaginal suppository) 100% safe to use when treating candidiasis during the 7th month of pregnancy:cry:

by User avatar bianca

is pink blood normal before my period is due?

Hello im 21 years old. i am having pink bleeding and i had my period August 2nd and my next period isnt due until September im cramping its very mild cramping. i was wondering if maybe i could be pregant?

by User avatar melanie211

when is it coming

im 21 weeks pregnant and im wondering when my breast are going to start leaking the milk because when me and my husband aqre haveing sex he would like take a pause to make sure they are not leaking and it just makes me kinda get out of the mood because im like the type that doesnt like to stop until...

by User avatar nia

Has Anyone Had a Problem Trying To Lie On Side While Pregers

Has anybody had a problem with lying on there side while pregnant? everytime i try to lie on my side, i seem to get really bad cramps in my lower abdomen and my stomach and my thigh hurts, has anybody else had this problem?

by User avatar Guest

Elevated ESR as per blood report

Hi. My age is 37, I am a male. I had an injury on right testicle seven years ago. Some antibiotics were given to me at that time. Sometimes it swells and makes me uncomfortable. I am also facing issues of sexual impotence. Don't know the exact reason but lost my vigor and timing during sex....

by User avatar ESR Victim

ptc during pregnancy

I have developed ptc. I was told it was because of my pregnancy. Is this true?

by User avatar denise71751

Who is more likely to be my baby's dad?

Hay I just need a little help am sooo worried! I last had my period oct 10th 2011 I then slept with the first person on the 22nd oct and the. A second person on the 31st or 1st nov defo one of those dates am due 29th July who is more likely to be my baby's dad! Am ashamed by my behaviour and this...

by User avatar Guest

Testing show Down's Syndrome

My wife has been tested yesterday; she is pregnant, 2 months. I am very worried because tested showed Down's syndrome, some genetic defect. She has been crying since. She is 19 years old and I am 22. This is our first baby. What can you tell me about this syndrome? Is it dangerous for the baby?

by User avatar Guest

best friend pregnant and taking vitamin c, is it ok

Answered by a doctor

Hello all my best friend of 12yrs is 12weeks pregnant for years she has been taking pure vitamin c tablets is it safe, I read somewhere that vitamin c is dangerous and can cause a miscarriage, any one else ever heard of this?

by User avatar Guest

pregnant and confuzzled

im 28 weeks on thursday, my due date is 31 jan 2013 i conceive on the 10th of may and slept with a diffrent guy 8 days after im 28 weeks it wont be the other guys will it? :(

by User avatar mummytoobee