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substances, food,drinks or habits that are harmful in a 1 we

i just wanna ask the things, habit, drinks, food that can be harmful to a 1 week pregnant woman and would lead to miscarriage? :-( :-(

by User avatar kyle28

3 months pregnant losing weight

im pregnant 3 months but i have no appetite im losing weight they say its bad for baby but what can i do? i just cant bring myself to eat

by User avatar ang

problems in pregnancy

i am 3 months pregnant and doctors cant see the baby inside my womb,all they say is that my womb is open aand my abdomen is soft on palpation.what are the dangers.

by User avatar maipelo

help, im 7 weeks pregnant and it hurts so much..

can someone please help me? i am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. for the last week or so i have had the most agonising cramps in my lower abdomen and even when i hiccup or cough it makes my eyes water. if i go to the toilet the movement of my bowels really hurt and it feels like someone is tearing at...

by User avatar Guest

what is a molder pregnancy

what is a molder pregnancy

by User avatar molder pregnancy

stomach burns & back ache in 6 mounths pregnancy

I am 6 mounths pregnant & I have a terrible stomach burns & aches .

by User avatar Kalin

Hair Coloring While Pregnant

Hey, I am 16 weeks pregnant… I already have some grey hair, which I think is awful. I have been coloring my hair since I was 25, but I am not sure whether should I do the hair coloring while I am pregnant.

by User avatar Guest

spot on babies ultrasound

I am 34 old pregnant mother, and had a ultrasound 2 days ago; I am pregnant 14 weeks. I had an ultrasound for down syndrome. There were spots on babies ultrasound and I am very worried what this might be. My gynecologist told me this is probably not a case of down syndrome and not to worry. Any...

by User avatar gillispie57

pregnant and addicted to methadone

Answered by a doctor

I am 5 months pregnant and addicted to methadone. Im having problems getting insurance to see anyone and im scared. I take one, 10mg pill of methadone a day. More than anything I want off the methadone before I deliver the baby. I dont have money for rehab and I dont think they even have a center...

by User avatar sarah redmon