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Spira runnning shoes

So, what's up with these? Another gimmick or is this spring thing for real? i keep reading about new technology that won't break down - ever. " these shoes will fall apart before they break down" they range in price from $90 to $140. any opinions on the springy thingy?

by User avatar rolling rock

New Nike air pegasus chafing

Hi I'm new and know nothing about running. The longest distance i've ever run is 5 miles. I have a road bike and have mainly been cycling for pleasure and fitness. I wanted to try something different, so last week I bought a pair of Nike air pegasus shoes. I went for a 3 mile run and noticed...

by User avatar Dario

Is there a way to tell how far a mile is outside..

have worked out a route that i think i can manage. Is there a way to tell how many miles it is with no road signs saying "1 mile" ect?

by User avatar Pascal

Trek 7300..any opinions/experience?

I am pretty sure I am going to buy this one (it's used, but just got tuned up) from a friend. It's a hybrid and it seems like a nice ride. Any experience with these??? I am not really a heavy biker, it's mostly cross-training/running errands kind of thing, and possibly a sprint tri.

by User avatar kristin31

What do i need to know when buying insoles?

I need arch support. Cheapo insoles from wal-mart have helped some but I'm needing something better. I was just about to order a $35 pair from the place Keltic recommended but are they any better than the cheap ones? Will they fit in any pair of running shoes? I'd like to get custom made ones but...

by User avatar akern

Should i stick with normal running shoes or get those for supinators?

Answered by a doctor

Every running shoe store that I have gone to has told me that I supinate. I tried on a pair of Asics for supinators, but don't like them nearly as much as the Asics for "normal" feet. Is this something I should really try to get used to, or can I just stick to the normal shoes?

by User avatar bjoiner

Baby stroller for runners

can anyone recommend a good sport stroller for me to run with? i'd like to be able to give my wife some free time while i'm running, and take my 13 month old with me.

by User avatar arolfsen

online stores for running gear?

Answered by a doctor

hey all.... i gotta pick up some new running gear. i'm hitting minneapolis in just over two weeks and will get to go to niketown (as much as i don't want to be decked out in swoosh stuff) and a puma outlet - but i'm looking for some good prices. where do you guys shop online? i'm interested...

by User avatar blue

Treadmill buying advice

Answered by a doctor

I get to buy a treadmill!!! So I need advice. What do you have or would recommend? What to stay away from? This would be a treadmill for heavy running. And heavy runners, 170 lbs and 185 lbs. We will put alot of mileage on it. I am mainly concerned about durability, and reliability. It has...

by User avatar Guest

What are the advantages of tights?

Why not just wear something close cut? Is there a big advantage with tights?

by User avatar purple hayes