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erection problem when i do sex for the second time in the night

Answered by a doctor

Dear Sir, I am a 27yrs old guy, just married. I am doing sex since last 4 years i never faced this problem. I am doing sex every day but many times it dosnt get erected soon, takes very long time, and if get erected and i start doing sex it becomes small after 2 to 3 minutes. I am very tense because...

by User avatar sameer marathe

Sex enhancement drug contracted my anus muscles how to relax them.

I have some sexual problems as low sex drive and low timing usually come in 1 minute, so to increase the timing and sex drive i have used some sex enhancement drugs. It was like viagra had a main ingredient of yohimbine called yohimbine talbets. It did help a bit in my problems but after taking 1o...

by User avatar mkbishop120578

Possible erectile dysfunction driving me to suicide.

Answered by a doctor

Hi I'm 18, and just before my eighteenth i lost my virginity to my ex girlfriend (now). Basically i dont think i have erectile dysfunction i have no problem getting it up. At least first time with her i didn't we had sex but my only problem was climaxing. The first time i didn't climax, and i was...

by User avatar Ashteronon186192

Exercises that can naturally treat erectile dysfunction

Good day there! So, I have a problem and it bothers me a lot, but until I started to read all of those comments and topics in here, I believed that I am one of the rare people who actually have a problem with it. I can't say that I am glad about it, but I am feeling better when I know that this is a...

by User avatar Guest

Over selfpleasuring causes Premature Ejaculation and how to cure or overcome it..!!!

Answered by a doctor

Hey guys.. it has sotra taken me long to publish my own posting, but m glad that i finally did.... PREMATURE EJACULATION!!.. this is a gravely word for all guys out there, and though some suffer from it once in a while due to overexcitement or other surrounding factors, for a number of us, it is a...

by User avatar wats_wat127471

I use an implanon implant but im bleeding during sex with my partner, is this a normal side-effect?

Answered by a doctor

I had the implanon implant inserted 9months ago, it was completely fine. Had a normal week period and then didnt bleed for months. Until i got my period on the week of the 4th april, my period didnt stop until monday just passed. (a month later). The bleeding wasn't heavy, just light and annoying....

by User avatar AngM

how to overcome this? i had one night stand with a girl but i couldn't get an erection all night

Answered by a doctor

Hey, im 27 years old male Last week i had a one night stand with a girl but i couldnt get an erection all night and it got me paranoid but Anyways i was tired this day with no food or sleep and moreover i was so much focused about my performance which lead to anxiety and fast heart beats but...

by User avatar carola364938

I have a history of prone masturbation and recently I started losing erection

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I am thinking this as a problem right now. . .by the way I had a history of prone masturbation and now I am able to do it in conventional way thank you for site so here it is now   when I felt the urge to masturbate and I usually start stroking with a flaccid penis and goes to...

by User avatar shiny porter

Herbs I can use as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction

People, why do I have problems with erection, when I am the really healthy guy, who is into sports for all of his life? I was never using any type of supplements, I never was healthy, but it seems that where I need to be good, I can't. It is killing me and my ego. I think that I can't deal with it,...

by User avatar Guest

Boyfriend is depressed with erectile dysfunction - how can I help?

Hello, I am a 19-year-old girl and I started to date with an older guy. Well, not that older, he is 28 years old, but he is older than me.  But it seems that he is having some problems with erection. In the beginning, he didn't want to talk about this, but then he confessed me because I...

by User avatar Guest