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have you tried any natural treatments for erectile dysfunction

Ladies and gentleman, maybe you can help my hubby because helping him, you will help me as well. For a last couple of days, he has a problem with erectile dysfunction. I suggested him to visit a doctor because I think that no one can't help him. But, he doesn't want to because he is feeling...

by User avatar wife Wendy

what are natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction without medication

hello there. so, I hooked up with one girl, she is a really amazing girl. we didn't have sex yet, even if I want that most than anything. I mean, I think that this would happen but I am the problem. we were in the bed, kissing and...nothing. even if I was turned on, no erection. I don't know why,...

by User avatar Boy8888

30 year old man with pain when touching head penis

Answered by a doctor

I am 30 years old which is very important for that problem.I know that some young boys have this problem that disappears with time.But my pain in the head of the penis when touching and rubbing still remains till this very day.i am desperate.I visited a lot of urologists and sex doctors without...

by User avatar marqnz126073

Weak erections-from rock hard erections to no erections

Answered by a doctor

I've been having the same problem for months now. I went from having rock hard erections every day (and usually throughout the day) to barely being able to get erection. Sometimes not at all. I used just have a single thought and I was hard in 10 seconds. It all happened about 6 months ago. One...

by User avatar MinneapolisGuy112846

Lose erection just prior to ejaculation

Answered by a doctor

I am a 48 year old man, currently in a physical relationship with a woman after several years of just masturbation. My problem actually began prior to the new relationship, about a year ago. At that time, on occasion, when I would masturbate I would start to lose my erection just as I was reaching...

by User avatar Guest

Can't get my penis up since I had sex a few days ago

Hi guys this is enbarasing    I had sex on Friday.    Ever since I can't get it up it's been almost 2 days and I'm 23 this has never happened before.     Should I be worried ?

by User avatar Barney

Can’t keep erection with this specific girl

Answered by a doctor

I’ve made friends with these 2 girls whom are roommates. One of which I’m really attracted to and want to be with. The other is more of a play mate. I’ve had lots of sex with the other girl with no problem, but when I’m about to have sex with the one I want my erection goes away! Oral...

by User avatar Guest

27 year old boy. Errection problem

I'am 27 year old boy, I never had errection problem. I was very egger and excited to have sex. 2 years ago daily i was smoking only 1 Gudan Garam (Clove Flavor) Cigarette for 7 to 8 months. My frineds suggested me to don't smoke Gudan Garam Cigarette and it will effect your sexual power...

by User avatar Guest

Abnormal ejaculation with Cialis

Abnormal ejaculation is listed as one of the potential side effects of using Cialis, but I can't find a description of what "abnormal" means in that context. Can anyone supply some information here?

by User avatar healthnut157119

My vagina seems to be blocked

Im 16 years old and I have found a problem with my vagina. I dont know what it is, but there is something blocking the hole going into me [i dont know how to describe the vagina very well, sorry]. I can use tampons, when I use them I think it pushes whatever the thing is out of the way. I first...

by User avatar Kayleigh-Jane92113734