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Cant..stay up..

Well im 18 years old i have been seeing this girl for about 4 months now shes amazing and i like her very much we just had sex for the first time about a week ago and it was grate. we tried again a few nights a go and i couldnt stay up.. It was embarasing like we had 4play and everything i had a...

by User avatar b273z35101168

Female Cant Cum :(

I'm 21 and have been sexually active since about 16. Never came! I do enjoy sex very much and my bf can really make me screem so I don't see what the problem can be. I've read a lot of comments to other people's similar is sure and it seems to be just relax and maybe your stresthe. But all those...

by User avatar Lilie

I have some sex problem

i am 26 yrs old and i lost my verginity when i was 18 to my boyfrind. I always pretend that i feel good when i have sex with him. But i have never felt anything. I slept with onother guy to see if it was my boyfriends problem. But it seems i dont feel anything at all. I have been pretending that sex...

by User avatar may 2

Help!!!! i have a problem the main thing is my penis has fla

i have a problem i am 15, i masterbate, not circumsized. but for the last year or so my penis has started out with a little patch of flaky skin and it grew from my scrodum to my penis now it hurts even to pull back the skin please help me im scared my girlfriend is gonna want sex soon but i dont...

by User avatar Jus39323199

Past month I've been experiencing a lot of extra vaginal discharge

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm 18 and sexually active, and on the pill, but for about the past month I've been experiencing a lot of extra vaginal discharge its very thick, yellow and mucus like a booger my boyfriend told me and I felt it and it does kind of remind me of a booger but it gets to the point during the day...

by User avatar Guest

Can i ask weather i or my gf infected with any gonorrhea or not or any infection?

Before i have anal sex with my gf, a few years later, i have kiss 2 different girl, but never had sex with them.but years before i kiss the 2 girls, i have blow job a man dick, but also never had a sex. The man also never had a intercourse sex (i think). I first have sex is anal sex, with my now gf...

by User avatar leo