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is it safe to do masterbation with a water jet?

Answered by a doctor

hi everyone. i am really worried is it safe to do masterbation with a water jet in my bath tub. Will it affect me when i grow up and want to get pregnant. i am 14 and i am really worried about this. Please do not judge me i know i did something wrong. I am just really worried a lot of the water...

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I'm a female and I can't cum!

Answered by a doctor

I am 18, and I cannot for the life of me make myself cum! I am not a virgin, and I have had amazing sex before with my last boyfriend. I enjoyed it so much, I just don't know why I couldn't cum! Also, I masturbate, but I still can't cum! Sometimes, I feel like im about to cum I just keep thinking...

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Can't get erection after going to the gym. I just got some body shaking

Hello,I'm 21 obese male (5'2.5" height and 98KG weight).recently i decided to go to gym for lose my weight.since 01 of feb I started going.but now I'm having unexpected problems.I'm unable to get an erection.I don't have idea what's happening.this really annoying me all time.before i went to...

by User avatar Sasitha

How to make husband release sperm

We have been married for 4 years now. Did not have sex in the first year or so. Later we had sex but very infrequently. Now we are trying to have a baby but my husband is not able to release his sperm. He thinks it's because he is used to mastrubation. I am worried, any suggestion would be a big...

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New Drug Treats Premature Ejaculation

Answered by a doctor

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems in men. It is even more common than erectile dysfunction. However, the problem is not discussed enough and many men have troubles admitting they had the problem. Researches have designed an antidepressant drug to treat specifically...

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Answered by a doctor

Ok, I'm an 18 year old girl and I cannot cum for the life of me. I have a boyfriend (whom is my first and the one that took my virginity and I love him very much) and we really do have amazing sex! I enjoy it so much, I just don't know why I can't cum! Also, I've tried masturbating, but it really...

by User avatar binnyjinny18916

What are the symptoms of ED which can be noticed?  and when we can cure it?

What are the symtoms of ED which can be noticed ?  And can we cure it at early age or at the beginning phase ?

by User avatar such slapstick

Obesity Found To Play A Role In Erectile Dysfunction

Answered by a doctor

The link between obesity and male potency dates from the Byzantine era, when it was thought that a large stomach impaired a man's ability to have sexual intercourse. Today, researchers have associated excess abdominal fat, cardiovascular disease, high blood lipids and type-2 diabetes with erectile...

by User avatar Lori2592

Simple Tips to rectify erectile dysfunction.

Answered by a doctor

Erectile dysfunction which is a very common complaint can be generally rectified by following few simple steps. Here goes the list of simple but effective tips to rectify erectile dysfunction. Avoid consumption of alcohol. If you are addicted to alcohol restrict the intake. Alcohol acts on central...

by User avatar savitha55409

ED is big threat amon men.

Nowadays due to increasing number of cases of male impotence in this highly sophisticated world. Sexual dysfunction is the common cause of male impotence in the world. Where recent survey show that about 15 to 20 million men in this world are under the stress of sexual dysfunction. Even the person...

by User avatar katei499019