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Can't reach orgasim

I am 25 years old, I have been married for 7 years now, but cannot have orgasim while husband is inside of me, he always say it is so good and hot that he has to pause like every minute, could that have something to do with me not having one? I have orgasimed while he was using his tongue, during...

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I can't Cum!!

Answered by a doctor

I'm 13 and I still can't cum... But their is a thick whitish colour cumin out instead in blobs and not shooting out either! Am I normal!!

by User avatar Chic lover259820

My penis is not getting erected enough while having sex with my wife. Even the pills didn't work out

Dear team, My penis is not getting erected enough while having sex with my wife. I have had sex with another girl before and it was fine. Even the pills didn't work out. Plz help me... I truly want to be a perfect man for her to keep her happy. Regards Sachin

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Study Found Cigarettes Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Answered by a doctor

Recent study elaborated that men who smoke have increased risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction and more they smoke, the risk is bigger. Study experimented the relation between cigarettes and erectile dysfunction. Researchers included in the study participants between 35 and 75 years without any...

by User avatar Tim

Natural Ways to Cure Impotence

Answered by a doctor

Impotence is really becoming a problem of concern. The human race is considerably affected by the impotence problem. The relationship problems are on rise because of the unsatisfied sexual life caused by the impotence. The men fail to attain the erection or sustain the erection during the sexual...

by User avatar davidscott115740

how to tighten ass whole as it never been fucked or fingered before ??

Answered by a doctor

im a 17 male and iam not gay, and i have fingered my ass and put some stuff in my ass , so my ass whole got large , and i stopped doing this from 2 years. but my ass whole still large and i will do some tests so, i don't want to be known as a gay with large ass whole. so i want to know any exercises...

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what is causing erectile dysfunction in men?

Knowing more about erectile dysfunction for men why.

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Loss of erections at 14? I can't get hard

Answered by a doctor

so about 3 weeks ago i noticed that i started getting many less erections, and when i got them, they would be weak. In the past, I would get them all the time and they would be very strong and hard. I have noticed that my pubic hair has basically stopped growing (I shaved it and it used to grow back...

by User avatar bballguy145334949

How do I get these thoughts out of my head.

Hi all I am new here, I know this is long but please help! I have this problem, whenever I see something disturbing, I cannot get it out of my mind. Now here is the problem..recently my jerk friend think it would be funny to show my gay porn as a "joke". I am 13 years old turning 14 soon...

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cumming more than usual

Hey hey... well ive cum plenty of times via touching myself and clit stimulation. But lately im cumming alot more, it literally leaves a pool of cum on my bed the size of the palm of my hand. What's going on lol.

by User avatar smiles :)