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Clear Semen

Answered by a doctor

Lately I have noticed that my semen is clear? Is that bad? what does it mean?

by User avatar Guest

Overly sensitive during sex. Any advice?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I'm finding myself to be overly sensitive during sexual acts. My penis is of average size and I'm what I consider loosely circumcised. The loose skin on my erect penis has a lot of movement but does not go over the head, and when limp the skin is all bunched up behind the head. When fully...

by User avatar NineBreaker127205

Can't get hard for my girlfriend. I love her so much and before her have been with only one woman

I have a problem I have a amazing beautiful missus who I love a great deal but when it comes to having sex I can't get hard enough for her I love her so much and have hurt her so much because if this problem she thinks I don't find her attractive and that it's a problem with her but it's all me I...

by User avatar Maximus1896365756

which is the best medicine for men's erectile dysfunction? sildenafil or kamagra

 which is the best medicine for men ED to stay long on bed with partner for best intercourse result, sildenafil or kamagra ?? as i am bit confuse between this two medicines.

by User avatar Jose Bell365519

My boyfriend cums too fast!! :/

Hi! So my boyfriend and I have been going out for almost a year and have only had sex 3 times. First time it actually lasted about a minute but it took about an hour to get him hard as I later found out he was still a virgin so didn't think much of it. He has no confidence in the sex department...

by User avatar Italianchick

No erection with new girlfriend, tried lot of times

Answered by a doctor

HI everyone, Let me first describe the physical details Age -26, weight -160 lbs, height 5-10". Occasional drinking, no smoking. My problem is I get very little erection or no erection, when I am trying to have sex with my new girlfriend. We tried almost 10 -11 times now over the period of 3 months....

by User avatar Winman286


Answered by a doctor

I just started having sex with my boyfriend and for some reason he can't get hard. I try not to say anything about it because I don't want to embaress him, but frankly, I'm the one who's embarressed. I ask him what's wrong and he says nothing. He comes up with weird reasons like "I think you...

by User avatar Guest

Work pressure and stress caused me depression and losing of sexual desire

Answered by a doctor

Hi ... ! I am 32 Years Old Married male working as an Enginneer and a busineesman . Due to the work pressure and stress i was suffering from severe depression several years before.How ever it has been controlled recently , i feel i lost desire for sex . I have been married for 6 months now but...

by User avatar Aruna Hemantha

Can't get erection I'm 16

Answered by a doctor

Okay so i use to jack off alot before i got a girlfriend then when she gave me oral sex it went limp half way through but i ignored this becuz i though it was no biggie(no pun intended) So i had sex with her a week ago(i was a virgin till then) and it never died when it was in her but if i were to...

by User avatar Jake12345678138716

13 years old - Erectile Dysfunction?

Answered by a doctor

Recently, I had a skateboarding accident where I fell and was injured just behind the testicles. I don't think it was that serious, but it is a bit bruised on the tube-like tissues there. I've noticed right after this incident, it has been harder for me to obtain an erection, and when I do, it is a...

by User avatar Kaiten119261