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How can i masterbate and get a really awsome sensation without using a sex toy??

Answered by a doctor

Hey I'm 11 and recently I have been masterbating and I don't really know what to use? I do not own an electric toothbrush so does anyone know what I could use and how do I have an orgasam

by User avatar itzlauren20184

what things i can use at home to masterbate with

Answered by a doctor

I am 14 and have started to masterbate, but I don't like using my finger, and I am sure my parent wouldn't help me get sex toys at all. So is there any household items I can use?

by User avatar Regen1293217372

what age does a girl start to masturbate and how do u do it

Answered by a doctor

what age does a girl start to masturbate and how do u do it plz help me

by User avatar htm123258293

I started masturbating about a year ago and still can't finger myself

I started masterbating about a year ago but I cant finger my self!

by User avatar Guest

i like to shove things up my butt while i jack off but im 14 and cant buy a dildo what can i use?

Answered by a doctor

i have tried things like tooth brushes, lotion bottles but i want something bigger. i have looked for a dildo in my parents bedroom but cant find one. also what are good household lubricants for anal masturbation?

by User avatar guest

How to masterbate (boy)

Answered by a doctor

I try to masterbate but my pleasure is not takin its toll and i have tried everything but it dosent feel ok pleas can you give me some usefull tips to increas pleasure ( i am 13 and a boy)

by User avatar davross

Belly inflation and air pump masturbation

Answered by a doctor

Any other people on this forum (girls or boys), who are also into belly inflation and air pump masturbation? Whenever I pump air into my belly, I become very happy 8-| and I always get orgasm with this. I do this very often. Any other people here, who do the same to become happy? Can anyone...

by User avatar emily

im a boy and want to know how to masturbate

Answered by a doctor

hey guys im a boy and 13 . i have the urge to have that felling for sex and want to know how to masturbate without my mom knowing. ...and i have know idea how to do anything. if you can help me, that would be great :-D :-D

by User avatar Guest

Does it hurt when you break your hymn/pop your cherry?

Answered by a doctor

I am 13,and a virgin.I want to stick my fingers in my vagina but I'm scared I will break my hymn(can't spell) Does it hurt??

by User avatar Smalltowngirl

my boyfriend would rather please himself than sleep with me :(

hiya everyone :) how are you all? right i have a it of a problem with me and my partner and im looking for some advice i dont know if hes not interested in me anymore or if its the things hes going thru thats making him act the way he is? right let me explain weve been together just over 6 months...

by User avatar staceyleigh320919