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Herpes or ulcer? I have a round sore on roof of my mouth, not painful

I have a round sore on roof of my mouth , not painful. Is it herpes?? Help!

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skin peeling off my fingertips

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my skin started peeling off my fingertips two weeks ago, and I still didn’t manage to make it stop. I used oily capsules of vitamin E and some medicine creams, but nothing helped me. What is causing this condition, and what can I do to reduce the peeling?

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paresthesia & burning skin sensation over most of body.

Paresthesia & burning sensation over most of my body can anyone help???

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pityriasis rosea - How to make it go away---- Fast!

Answered by a doctor

To start I am a health freak, I work out 5 times a week, do yoga, eat right & am very clean. I am a model so I have to look good. So when I got Pityriasis Rosea 2 weeks before a bikini shoot I just about died. I had it all over my sides, lower abdomen then it stated going on my back, tummy, neck...

by User avatar staryeyez

Is there an easy way to get rid of yellow and hard toenails? what is causing them?

Is there an easy way to get rid of yellow and hard toenails and what are some of the causes for this.

by User avatar bluish fact

Burning sensation right groin and inner thigh

Past 3 months, Burning sensation right side groin area & inner thigh -- had seen quite a few dermatologists & treated for fungal infections (though there were no rashes) -- tinea Curtis fungi and intertrigo - local applications (fungal, fungal+steroid based and steroid based creams with anti...

by User avatar detailed turtle

Shaved my body hair all wrong and now having ingrown hair and bumpy skin on chest and legs

I've been shaving body hair ALL WRONG . Now Im paying the price with ingrown hair , bumpy skin on my chest , legs . Using an epilator is part to blame... I don't Remember what is like to have smooth sexy skin.... Can I ever reverse the damage ???

by User avatar wisest meat

home remedy for gaulding

I need a home remedy for gaulding.

by User avatar bettydwv85230

Is having an armpit lump dangerous?

I’m feeling pain in my armpit for a while now. At first I thought it’s just because I have been using an anti-per spirant deodorant but as days go by, it become more painful even if I stopped using it. A foreign friend told me I should see a doctor because most probably, this is a benign cyst....

by User avatar sparkling kidney

what is palmoplantar pruritus and how does it manifest itself? is it curable in a diabetic person?

what is palmoplantar pruritis and how does it manifest itself? is it curable in a diabetic person and if it is not, how does one control its effects.

by User avatar broadish work