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Hollow Cyst in butt cheek? It is small and white

Hollow cyst between butcheeks?! OK so today I felt a small white bump on my left butt cheek, me being the way I am with white heads I took a needle and carefully drained it. But while I'm cleansing the area with alcohol I notice a super smooth patch of skin about a nickle diameter large. I then...

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Answered by a doctor

You can use this thread to discuss topics related to sudden swelling of the lips, possible causes and symptoms. This thread is a sequent of the Swollen Lips thread.

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Red bumps with white heads all over my body. they itch only a bit sometimes

I have red bumps all over my body and they have white heads .. they itch only a little sometimes .. please help me  

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Skin problems, I have a lot of pimples, dark spots and open pores acne. My skin is oily

I am 16 and i have so dangerous pimples and darkspots as well as open pores acne...and i used clean and clear face wash and lemon juice... But i have not seen anything results.. Maily my skin is oily and i do day by day please give me idea to make my skin ....fully naturals

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Hard peeling circles on fingertips

Answered by a doctor

I am a 25 year old female and have a problem with my index fingers and thumbs on both hands for about 6 months now. Ocassionally I will get hard small circles on the tips and sides of only those 4 fingers. It doesn't spread to other fingers or anywhere else on the body, and they are never...

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strange scar like line of darker skin on leg

hello, recently iv’e noticed that there is a line on my skin that looks somewhat like a scar or birthmark. i don’t think it’s a scar because i have no idea what might have caused it because it wasn’t there a month ago and now it is but i didn’t scratch myself or get any injury there. i...

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Small holes above butt/bottom

Answered by a doctor

My husband is 29, and has these tiny little holes right above his bottom - right where the crack begins. There are about five of them; some larger than others. He says every once in a while he wipes over them pretty hard with some tissue and there will be puss or blood on the tissue. They are not...

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is soap exturnal use only? because my anus burns.

i read online that its goog to use soap and clean your anus and inside, but i tried that and now my anus burns really bad!!! plz help! what should i do? should i sit in a bath, or get a enima?

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Blotchy face after vomiting;

Answered by a doctor

When I get sick and vomit, almost immediately afterward I get tiny, red blotches all over my face. They kinda look like my blood vessles broke. They usually stay for a day or too. I just want to know why this happens and if it's bad.

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Bite that caused hole in skin? it's greenish in the middle and surrounded by a pink circle

Tried to upload a picture along with my question, but not sure how. Any how, there is a decently sized hole forming on my boyfriends arm, it's greenish in the middle and surrounded by a pink circle. There is a smaller one on the back side of his arm. I am thinkin it's some sore of spider bite but I...

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