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Cracked bleeding hands

Answered by a doctor

My daughter, who is 34 years old is having a terrible time with cracked, dry, peeling, and bleeding hands. She has changed dishwashing and laundry products, soap, etc. She has used all kind of creams but nothing helps. She has even put vaseline, etc on her hands at night and then wore gloves to...

by User avatar Janet Horton

Fat pads diagnosed above clavicles on both side. What can be the cause?

Fat pads diagnosed above clavicles on both side.. Anyone else have these and a answer as to what causes them? Or better yet how to get ride of them.

by User avatar Lynne

Does vitamin E help to tighten skin

I heard that oil vitamin E can help to tighten skin. Have anyone tried oil with vitamin E. Does it really help? I eat healthy food, and drink lot water, but still have this problem.

by User avatar Guest

darken , oversized labia... scared confused

Answered by a doctor

well im 17 female virgin ... my labia on both sides has started to become dark in colour it looks as though it's speading... no pain... jsut the discolouration a that my one of my labia is much bigger then the other one ... i donno what any of this means.. if any one could help ..thanks

by User avatar markit

swollen, numb,painful fingers, knees, elbows and toes.

2 months ago, I woke one morning and my hands and arms were numb, and left side of face was droopy, but went away after a couple of hours. Now it has progressed to where it is constant pain along with the swelling. It is now in my wrists, they are very weak, painful and bottom-side of them are red...

by User avatar riders1

How do I ease the pain of broken skin/exposed flesh on my foot?

On the bottom of my heel, most of my skin has come off in one small area where a verruca used to be and now it reveals my flesh (bright red). It’s painful to walk on my heel and I have to be walking around 27 miles in a few days for a DofE expedition and was wondering if there was any way of...

by User avatar Aiko

Steatocystoma Multiplex - Cause, Treatment and Diet for Prevention

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Steatocystoma Multiplex cause, treatment and diet for prevention thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

Hands skin peeling after showers. Is it Exfoliative keratolysis?

So I have mild skin peeling on my hand after all my showers, and this started around 2 weeks ago. The first time I had any sort of peeling was a day after I went to karting and I got a few blisters and got blisters/peeled skin from holding the wheel wrong. I searched for what it was and I came up...

by User avatar Guest

Wearing eyeglasses suddenly causes facial coldness and discomfort

I only wear eyeglasses for reading. About six months ago I noticed that it was very uncomfortable to wear any reading glasses. The area around my eyes and nose gets a cold, numb sensation and feels uncomfortable. The longer I wear the glasses, the longer the sensations lasts after I take the...

by User avatar gremlin29699

Why do I wake up with swollen lips every morning? It lasts for a whole year

Why do I wake up with swollen lips every morning? This has happened for the past year.

by User avatar Guest