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bruise next to eye will not go away (pic included)

for months now ive had this bruise next to my eye that wont go away, it almost looks like someone hit me in the face but that is not the case.. im only 25 and it is really bothering me now can anyone tell me what it is and how to get rid of it? ive attached a pic to help..

by User avatar j4y80430

Cold Sore or Pimple?

I noticed a bump on the edge of my lip today. I have had a pimple near this area before and it went away shortly. I have not had any itching/burning from the area. Just wondering if this is a Cold sore or a pimple. To my knowledge I have never had a cold sore before. I plan on buying Abreva just to...

by User avatar Guest

Puss & blood filled bumps between legs

I have these "Bump" between my legs. I dont know if bumps is the right word. These flare up they burst open and start leaking blood and puss. Then they settle down until about a month later. There is something that may help identify the problem. There is what i call these hard cores that...

by User avatar memphisbp