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itchy, sore, red clitoris and vagina

Answered by a doctor

recently i have noticed that i have a very itchy vagina. at first it wasnt sore, but now after scratching it, it has become sore and i feel like i tore the skin with leaves my vagina sensitive, it feels like when i touch certain places after i have scratched it that it stings when the salt of my...

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Red rash on my leg which is very itchy. Any reason for concern?

I have a red rash on my leg, it is very itchy. It has been here for 2 days now. Should I be concerned?

by User avatar Devyn

itch patch on back of left shoulder

Answered by a doctor

I have an almost constant itching on the back of my left shoulder that started about three weeks ago. I scratch at it and looking at it can see no signs of rash, redness, bug bite. It is a very funny sensation. I can feel it build up to the actual itching. It stops but comes back several times...

by User avatar lbloodgood

Itchy Fingers And Toes

Answered by a doctor

Hey there, I hope I am not the only one. I thought this will pass, but itching is still here. For the past month or so, I have extremely itchy fingers and toes. Has anybody any idea what this might be? Thanks in advance!!!

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Red blotches appeared suddenly on my face

Hi, I have red blotches that appeared suddenly on my face. Every a few days they appear and go away. What is the cause for them?

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I rarely get my period am I infertile?

Answered by a doctor

I'm really scared that I might be infertile because I am very irregular with my period. Ill get it like every 3 or 4 months. It's always a relief when I do get it. When I don't get it, ill feel like minor cramps and have a lot of discharge and be emotional and have symptoms of having my period but...

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what can cause an irritation under belly in an overweight person?

Redness under belly- overweight

by User avatar here regular

rash on my cheek/face near my hair on that side of my face. I'm also having migraines

Hi I'm 13 and have a rash on my cheek/face near my hair on that side of my face. My forehead has no rash but every time it's touched it stings. I've also had migraines and nausea along with it but I have no fever. My temperature just stays around 97.6. My rash on my cheek stings really bad though...

by User avatar detached bestseller

Rashes after tanning. It’s blood shot red, hot as can be and burning and itching also really sore

I have been tanning for awhile now and the past few times I have been breaking out in a rash on my butt, above the crack and it’s causing it to welt. It’s blood shot red, hott as can be and burning and itching also really sore to where I can’t lay on my back. I’m curious to what this...

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recurring circular rashes in winter - 5 years

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am a 29 yo male. For the last 5 winters I have been getting small circular rashes on (mostly) my arms and upper chest. The rash starts as a small scaly patch and then grows eventually to the size of a dime. They are always circular and fairly well defined but there is rarely a defined...

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