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Severe itching after showering

Answered by a doctor

Every time I take a shower, I get an insupportable itch, which turns to pain when I can't avoid the scratching. It occurs only when my body dries and it lasts for half an hour sometimes. My dermatologist found that I had some kind of dandruff and gave me antihistamines, Zyrtec (4 hours before...

by User avatar Guest

I'm healthy male but recently after showering I'm getting flushing on my chest and a skin itching

Im a 69 year old healthy male but recently after showering Im getting flushing on my chest and some skin itching. Any thoughts? Im wondering if I could be dehydrated

by User avatar jade approval

very tiny watery bumps on my finger. doesnt spread but reocc

Answered by a doctor

i have a spot of very tiny watery bumps that appear on my right ring finger from the hand nuckle to the last nuckle on my finger. they start as round circles of clear liquid under the skin about the size of a pen tip dot. when i squeeze them they raise up and pop but continue to fill with the...

by User avatar linnyb1022

Sores on fore leg front itchy

Answered by a doctor

Good day all, I have been experiencing these small red sores that appear on my fore legs and sometimes on the top of my right foot. They are no larger than a dime, in fact mostly smaller than a dime. The symptom is red and very itchy. They become so itchy that after scratching them for releif I...

by User avatar Joshua57262937

Your thoughts on my itching butt

Answered by a doctor

Hey , For the past year now I have been experiencing some sort of 'rash' between my buttcheeks (on the buttcrack and directly on my anus) It is extremely itchy at times and when it gets really bad I apply hydrocortisone to ease the itching but that doesn't even seem to help. I have never had anal...

by User avatar roadrash2215038

Under EYE rash irritation

Answered by a doctor

4 days ago i woke up with a red irritation under my left eye, and slightly under my right eye. the rash like irritation starts at the tear ducts and continues on out from the nose (not directly under the eye but a few mm below). The rash has not healed and it is now rough to the touch and looks dry...

by User avatar freddiemaze

How do you treat the itchy sensation and pimples in the groin and anus areas?

How do you treat the itchy sensation and pimples in the groin and anus areas

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Crazy Painful itching all over body in winter

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am a 17 year old boy. And i have this itching problem that occurs in winter tim ONLY. Ok so everytime in winter when i am about to do a activity (Boxing, basketball, running, etc..) my skin starts to itch very painfully, its mostly all over my upper body and legs. It is really really...

by User avatar mirror

i have little tiney half a moon shape spots on skin

hi these are not every where but they have appeared last year they look like a half moon shape like someone brused me with there pinky finger nail looks like someone just shoved there nail there for a bit then brused its not lumpy underneaith but i do have some on my right thy and one on my hip they...

by User avatar Crysatl4794

Itchy face around lips and cheeks

For four days, my face has been itchy. Mostly my lips, my cheeks, and the area above my lips. I thought I might have herpes because my lips and the area above were itching, but I there are no cold sores (so it might not be herpes). The only bumps on my lips are Fordyce's Bumps that mostly go...

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