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Random itching all over my body

Answered by a doctor

Hi all I'm 22 and female, and for quite a long time I have been suffering from itching all over my body, mainly during the night. It will occur almost every single night and it is so irritating that I can never sleep! The only allergy I know of is of a certain body wash that I once used...but...

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Painful Red Spots

I have noticed several, about 3-4 red spots on my low back. They are painful to touch and tender. I have noticed them about three days ago and I think that they spread a bit. What could it be? Should I apply some ointments on them?

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Ketosis urticaria Antihistamines weight loss Atkins Cambridg

Answered by a doctor

Hi I have been diagnosed with Urticaria now for several months and been put on high doses of H1 and H2 blockers to stop the rash. When I first had the initial rash signs I was about 3 weeks into the Atkins diet. Due to the stress of the rash which eventually spread all over me I gave up the diet....

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Answered by a doctor

What could be sore and peeling fingertips indicating? Have you found relief? This thread is an extension of the Peeling and sore fingertips symptoms thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

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red bumps on right side of stomach

Answered by a doctor

[img]so like 2 days ago i got these red bumps on my right side of the stomach. They are on the right side and lower side of stomach. They itch sometimes but not very much. Not to the point that i have to scratch them its just light itching. Have no clue where i got it from. Went to the docter and...

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cheap, easy, fast convenient cure for scabies

THERE HAVE BEEN PEOPLE THAT HAVE HAD SCABIES FOR MONTHS OR EVEN A YEAR WHO HAVE BEEN CURED BY DOIN THIS ONCE. ANYONE Almost can do this. 1) Start boiling all the water you can fit on your stove in the biggest pots you have on the highest heat you have(may not have to if water gets hot enoug. 2)...

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severly itchy wrists, forearms and ankles

I have severe itching of my wrists and forearms as well as my ankles and lower legs. It feels as though somwthing is biting me. I scratch and immediately get red dots which bleed and scab over but remain itchy. If It doesn't matter whether I scratch of not, it gets more intense until I do touch...

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Intensely itchy and persistent rash on scrotum

Answered by a doctor

I posted this in the testicular problems forum and did not realize there was a skin problem forum at the time. I apologize for the confusion Hello all. First and Foremost, I would like to say thankyou very much in advance for absolutely any advice you could provide that could be helpful to my...

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Scabies? Can it be cured?

Answered by a doctor

Here is my story. In late February I noticed that my legs were itchy at night. I spent most evenings at my girlfriend's condo, and she started to feel a little itchy, too. Suspect #1 -- new laundry detergent. She bought something different and my legs were the only thing touching the sheets...

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A rash that started behind my left ear (with little boils) and traveled down the left side of neck

Another issue related to the bottom of the feet water boils.....A stubborn rash that started behind my left ear (with little boils) and traveled down the left side of the neck. I've been treating this aliment with Polysporin. Then started with a regimen of antifungal. I apply both...

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