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5 months pregnant with vertigo

Answered by a doctor

My daughter is 29 and 5 months pregnant with her first child. She has had migraines off and on most all of her life. Now out of the clear blue sky she suddenly woke up with extreme virtigo. The doctor gave her dramamine. told her to wait until it goes away. Probably caused by an inner ear...

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pubic hair

i have just shaved my pubic hair for the first time. but it is very irritating and hurts, can anyone give me some advice and around how long does it take to grow back.

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intense itching all over my body while in the bath

when i go into the bath, i spent about 5 to 100 minutes in the bath. And i start to get intense itching all over my body

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pool water causing rash, burning, and itching.

Answered by a doctor

Why do my children and I break out in a rash and burn and itch when we get into our pool? I use the super shock it that you find at walmart to chlorinate our pool. We have swam in other pools and this does not happen to us. Please help.

by User avatar tmdiggs

Rash itches and getting worse. Little bumps on my chest broke out after I shower or swim

I had these little bumps on chest for a year and it had a mild itch but recently its been breaking out only after i shower or swim, the bumps become bigger and red all of my chest and the itch is worse. Is there anyway i can get rid of this?  

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Pubic hair shaving. Don't use shampoos because of the burning and itching

The people that tell you to put shampoo on your pubic area after shaving are idiots. It just makes it itch and burn worse just go see a doctor or get the top of the line equipment (if you can afford it) 

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Weird blood-filled blister on scalp, my hair was extremely tangled from the sea water

After a trip to a place where we went snorkeling. My hair was extremely tangled (from the sea water and bc I had my hair tied in a bun) and when we got back to the hotel, I showered and brushed all the tangled out and lost a considerable amount of hair

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Purple line in between boobs which curves under my right breast

Hi, I’m 15 with very large boobs and for awhile now I’ve had a purple line right down the middle of my boobs and then it curves under my right one. It almost looks like a scar but it’s not. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks

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What is the Purple line between my breasts

I have it and it curves under my right breast too! But i dont know what is it im 16, let me know i you know!

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Did my scabies came back?

Answered by a doctor

My GF and I had a severe case of scabies for months. We used around 4 or 5 tubes of Loxazol (Some sort of Permethrin creme) and once the Ivermectine pills. After A lot of hassle with those buggers of hell our symptoms had finally deminished. Some very minor itchyness here and there but nothing...

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