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What's important to you in a relationship?....

Answered by a doctor

Rank them according to your preference, and add your own if you can think of others... Physical Attractiveness Humor Intelligence Kindness Honesty Reliability Openness Romanticism

by User avatar HighHeat

People who love to hear themselves talk

Know anyone like this? My mother-in-law is the worst offender. When we were in the hospital waiting for my wife's contractions to get closer, she was there, and basically talked, non-stop, by herself for two hours. When she left to get something to eat, my wife turned to me and said, "Thank...

by User avatar coachmarkos

What's your least favorite vegetable?

Me: onions and garlic :umno:

by User avatar TimRuns

Do you work for a passive aggressive company?

Is your company passive aggressive?

by User avatar cherylpf

do you ever hear a song that "hits too close" ?

on my 'mill. An oldie (yes, I know) "hold on" by Wilson-Phillips. My son informed me yesterday that he's being bullied in gym class. He has gym today. The words just hit me the wrong way and I had to stop.

by User avatar runaroundsue

What movies has EVERYONE seen?

This should be interesting. Please chime in... I think everyone here has seen.. Jurassic Park Feel free to put in some guesses? If you have not seen any movie listed here, pipe up!

by User avatar shelflifers

Compliment of the day....

"You're not a dork."

by User avatar HighHeat

Are you a candle person?

Do you burn them a lot? What flavors do you like? Which kind do you buy?

by User avatar Laurie Ellen

Do you eat at night after you brush your teeth?

Nasty feeling, but has to be done.

by User avatar Laurie Ellen

Driver's License, how old were you when you got yours?

In KS, you could legally drive a farm implement at any age on the roadways as long as you could prove that you were doing official farm business. Legal age to pick up a learner's permit :: 14 8O I have a hard time looking at my youngest and picturing her getting a driver's license in just a year...

by User avatar purple hayes