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i win!!

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Is there such a thing as reverse discrimination?

Answered by a doctor

Do you think there is such a thing? Recently I heard of a white woman in a mostly black college who is claiming reverse discrimination and sueing the school for $5 Million. Her case obviously sounded pretty real. She was trying to get into the same program as someone with the same credentials as her...

by User avatar DCRunningDiva

Things you can't believe you did... that you've "grown up" (ok...this may be a stretch, but you get my point...) I'll start with an easy one... throw a mostly full keg off a 5th floor roof (the po-po were on their way up,..what was a 19...err...21 year old to do? :umno: )

by User avatar HighHeat

what is a mental health assesment test

I need information. What is a mental health assesment test? Why is it done? I would really appreciate a quick answer.

by User avatar thune2036

Health or Wealth

What is more important to you and why, Health or Wealth?

by User avatar lucilleroberts143537

Marry, Date or Dump game

Marry Date or Dump. I'll name 3 people, next person to respond has to select one for each category "Marry Date or Dump" and list 3 more. Easy enough, right? I'll start off easy. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe edited to add a choice for the ladies only because the mins don't seem to want to...

by User avatar cherylpf

drowning yet being able to breath - recurring dream

so basically i have recently had a re- occurring dream! ( it happened like twice so far) the dream starts with me in the water (like a pool not an ocean) and i am just chillin with my head above the water and my body in the water for just a spit second and then i am being drowned but not by a...

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What is the biggest size of underwear for guys?

What is the biggest size underwear for guys?

by User avatar James

what is the difference between traditional and modern medicine?

what is the difference between traditional and modern medicine ?

by User avatar discreet second

I was driving a vehicle and choked on some liquid that I was drinking. My company said I fell asleep

On October 16 I was giving five prescriptions Pro air HFA 90 MCG/actuation benzonatate 100mg inhalational spacing device prednisone 20mg doxycycline I was given these prescriptions by physician media care and the next day I was driving a vehicle and I choked on some liquid that I was drinking and it...

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