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what are your the Most quotable movies?

A Christmas Story is very quotable. Yours?

by User avatar purple hayes

Make Your Events Memorable

Special Touches to Make Your Events Memorable Events are about creating the most memorable moments. 1. Create buzz around your event 2. The first impression matters 3. Choose the perfect host 4. Set the mood with lighting, colors, and music 5. Don’t forget to thank your guest's...

by User avatar glowing natural

What sort of people tick you off at a race ?

I know none of us are guilty of this but I'm sure we've all met types like this. What type of racer/runner ticks you off ?

by User avatar andydp

Do you ever let your imagination run away with you?

I was up late last night reading, and got really spooked for no apparent reason. Kept hearing noises, didn't want to look out the window in case some beastie were to jump into my line of sight. :) I finally ran to bed and pulled the covers over my head. Everyone knows nothing can get you when your...

by User avatar akern

Wearing Diapers at adult age? Is it ok to wear them?

I wanna know if I can wear Diapers again. I am 22 and I wanna know if it's ok to wear adult diapers or kids diapers. I wanna wear diapers again. Please let me know of wt you guys and girls think

by User avatar James

What can be the effects of working with a jet Fuel?

What can be the effects working with jet Fuel?

by User avatar Guest

Wearing undies

Is it ok not to wear undies all the time? I get wedge's a lot

by User avatar James

I left the house without a bra and then when someone I knew noticed, I was told it was a disgusting

Hi I dont want to go into boring detail but wanted opinions on something please   I left the house without a bra on and then when someone I knew noticed, I was told it was a disgusting thing to do.   I want to point out I was not wearing anything sexual. And I wasnt going far...

by User avatar valiant childhood

What is your favorite depressing movie?

Saw 'In the Bedroom' Saturday night...good movie but not the most cheerful movie in the world... Do you have a favorite 'dark' movie? --- megawill

by User avatar megawill

Would you trade places with a fictional character?

If you could change places with a fictional literature character, who would you choose? Why?

by User avatar purple hayes