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How would you resign?

Coach's thread got me thinking. How would you resign from your job if you didn't have to worry about burning any bridges or needed a referral at some future time?

by User avatar Running Brewer

this bothered me Saturday

I rode a few rides at the amusement park sat., but since I was not with my family, I didn't go for the hardcore ride experience. I watched people for a fair part of the day and I noticed that MANY of them were obese. Not just carrying 5-10 pounds extra, but actually OBESE. I just did a quick...

by User avatar keltic63

how do you get on with your inlaws?

For the most part I get on with mine pretty good, but I think sometimes they see me as competition for the First Born's attention. He gets a guilt trip extraordinaire if we don't go over for visits enough. And they nearly always call on Thursday night when my family comes over for dinner.

by User avatar ShannonG

How to not get caught masturbating by my parents

Answered by a doctor

I masturbate mostly everyday, but lately my parents have started staying in more so it's getting harder to. My bed is really unstable so there's no doing it at night, and I share a room with my sister and we have no door

by User avatar Guest

First name that goes along with middle name Sophia

I want to name my baby girls middle name sophia but I can't seem to find anything that flows well with it for the first name. If you have any suggestions, or names, throw em out there! -thanks! ______ Sophia Caldwell

by User avatar Guest

Can I wear underwear during surgery? I'm getting my foot surgery tomorrow

i am getting foot surgery tomorrow and I was wondering if I have to remove my underwear for it. I am very insecure and just want to have underwear on 

by User avatar Guest

Gained or lost weight since marriage?

Answered by a doctor

Me? I've gained maybe 10 lbs. since I got married 7 years ago. Mostly muscle though. I was pretty slim when I got married. Wife? She gained a bit in the first few years but she's back down to her normal size. A Y membership is one of the best things she ever did.

by User avatar purple hayes

Have you seen any girl/ women peeing standing up???

Answered by a doctor

I was standing at my gallery which is on the first flr. I saw one sales girl having dark brown saree passing on the road. She was having medium, slim body and was around 25-28 years of age. She was having a bag in her hand. Now, she suddenly stopped walking and went deep down the side road. Then she...

by User avatar mr marce364473

When you wake up from a dream, can you re-dream it?

I'm sure we've all been there're in the middle of a dream and then you wake up. Have any of you been able to quickly fall back asleep and continue the dream you just had?

by User avatar prohemp

What is your song of the day?

Come Monday- Jimmy Buffett

by User avatar j1miller