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Toys you won't let your kids have?

Are there any? For me it's guns, swords and power rangers. We have super soakers, but we call them super soakers, and only play with them when it is hot out and they have water in them. They're put away for the year now. I don't care for swords because invariably kids end up hurting one another,...

by User avatar brie k

What is your definition of "in shape" and are you "in shape"?

a) define "in shape" b) are you "in shape"

by User avatar purple hayes

What kinda perfume/cologne do you wear?

I have 3 faves; Estee Lauder's Beautiful, Ralph Lauren's Romance, and Lancome's Miracle. Michael wears Avon's Black Suede. :naughty:

by User avatar Laurie Ellen

How many cordless drills does one man really need?

Exactly how many cordless drills does one man need? I was in the garage looking for something and saw 2 without looking to hard. Bet there are more too. :| I couldn't find a single ice scraper or snow brush for my car though. :x WTH?

by User avatar JACKED UP

What should teenage boys wear to bed

Yesterday my mom had the talk with me and said that I should get new bed clothes what should I get

by User avatar Lickaduck

What pet(s) would you get if you could?

Dog: Boxer or Greyhound Salt water aquarium Reptile house too.

by User avatar TriBob

What pillow type is good besides tempurpedic? For allergies & severe neck issues?

r What pillows type is good besides temperpedic? For allergies & severe neck issues?

by User avatar Guest

What would you tell your 12 year old self?

You can travel back in time and whisper a few things in the ear of your twelve year old self. What would those things be? GO!

by User avatar Guest

Movie Review: Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

Here is the setting: An idealistic young teacher arrives at a well respected private school with the intention of making a difference in the lives and education of the students. This teacher soon runs up against a tradition bound administration as well as some tradition bound students. Soon enough...

by User avatar Pug

Favorite & Least Favorite city you have been to.

List your favorite and least favorite city. Can be any city you been to be it US or around the world. If more than one list as honorable mention. Favorite City. Calgary, Alberta. :D Favorite City honorable mention. Las Vegas, NV 8)...

by User avatar Morpheus99