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Yoga mat recommendations?

Answered by a doctor

I got a video and want to do some at home, and I need to get a mat. Anyone have a good mat to recommend? I've started looking and there are so many kinds at different prices and I have no idea what I really need. Thanks for any suggestions!

by User avatar Molly600

A yoga video for beginners?

Answered by a doctor

Mr Aire and I need to purchase a yoga video that is not bordering on calisthenics. We need something that is gentle and relaxing and keeps our joints and muscles flexible. Kind of a stress-buster, too. Any ideas?

by User avatar airehead

Anyone familiar with Yoga?

Answered by a doctor

I don’t know whether this is the right place to ask this, but I’ll give it a try and you can tell me everything you know. So, here’s my issue. I’ve started with a new job recently and I’ve been feeling too stressed. I’d like an activity that can help me overcome...

by User avatar reginauld

Tae Kwon Do and Marathon Training

Answered by a doctor

Hope this is the right place for this question. My son is starting Tae Kwon Do lessons and I am thinking about taking them as well. Will the lessons hinder my marathon training? Anyone with experience doing both?

by User avatar PackerBacker

Flexpilateshome - In-home Exercise

Pilates is corrective exercise that improves your quality of life, no matter what your age, back ground, or fitness level. Come get healthy and strong in fun, supportive environment. FlexPilates is a studio that keeps Joseph Pilates Original method and philosophy alive.

by User avatar Flexpilateshome

Stretching Is Way Too Important

Answered by a doctor

Stretching your legs improves muscle performance. Stretching helps make your legs stronger by increasing your muscle’s range of motion, making joint movement more efficient, which translates into more power. You could broaden your exercise horizon with at least 15 minutes of pilates or yoga...

by User avatar simone2593

what's capoeira good for?

Hi, I am very curious. A friend of mine trains capoeira. At first I had no idea what that is, but then I found out. Of course the friend that trains it explained something. It all sounds very interesting but one thing confuses me and I need the answer to it. What's capoeira good for?

by User avatar Guest

Why is Yoga Good for our Health?

Answered by a doctor

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline. Like meditation that can help us to release stress, reduce risk factors and aid in a patient's psychological healing process. I found some research about the benefits that we can get and help us to have a good health. - Lowers stress...

by User avatar jey

Feeling light headed and dizzy after Yoga

Answered by a doctor

I am 17 years old female. I started learning yoga in a summer camp when I was 13 but eventually stopped it. Once again began doing it last year with a help of an instructor but discontinued it due to heavy schedule. Today I tried sun salutation (which I did when I attend the yoga class) by myself...

by User avatar Michelle

How do I start yoga? I want to reduce stress

Answered by a doctor

How do I start yoga? I want to start trying out new things and yoga is one of them! From what I hear it's amazing and reduces stress, but it seems difficult. Tips on what to do and how to start?

by User avatar Guest