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Gentle yoga may soothe chronic back pain

Answered by a doctor

Their study of 101 adults with persistent low back pain found that a gentle yoga class seemed to be a better alternative to either general exercise or a self-help book. The emphases are on gentle exercises, as vigorous styles may pose risk of making chronic back pain even worse. There have been no...

by User avatar Mark

i want to try taking up yoga, but i'm not sure where to start

Answered by a doctor

i want to try taking up yoga, but i'm not sure where to start. does anyone have any good guides to help me out?

by User avatar tiny ghost323690

Scientific approach to yoga chakras

Answered by a doctor

Hello, guys. I am interested in yoga, especially in its chakra theory. It all seems very interesting and exotic to me. I would like to ask someone whether there is a scientific approach to yoga chakras. Is it possible? Thanks in advance for your answers. This means a lot to me. Bye!

by User avatar adair44991

How many calories can body burn with beginner yoga?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. I must keep my body in shape and after fitness I am thinking of beginning with something little more different. I was thinking on yoga. I would like to know how many calories body can burn with beginner yoga. This will be an interesting piece of info for me. Thanks for replying.

by User avatar dunc27256686

side effects of kundalini yoga

Answered by a doctor

I just signed up for a class of kundalini yoga, and I am pretty excited about it! I can't wait to start doing kundalini yoga, and I am hoping that it will help me with some anxiety problems as well. It will be once a week, and I was wondering whether kundalini yoga has any side effects? I am...

by User avatar roselin_160821160821

What are easiest yoga poses for beginners?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, guys. I will start probably next week with my yoga classes. I am little afraid of all those stretching and bending and I would like to ask which the easiest yoga poses for beginners are. What would you recommend? Thanks for all your replies, guys. Your help means a lot to me.

by User avatar delano87255232

What is purpose of yoga exercises?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, there. My friend practices yoga exercises and she seems very pleased with them. She suggests me to go with her and I am considering that option. I would like to know the purpose of yoga exercises. Can anyone explain it to me in simple words? Thanks in advance. I appreciate that.

by User avatar Guest

yoga & health benefits

Answered by a doctor

Hi! Tell me something about yoga and health benefits? Does yoga can help with some health problem? I have chronic pain and my friend suggested me to practice yoga.

by User avatar Guest

side effects of yoga

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. Many people speak highly of yoga. I get the feeling it can almost solve any type of problem. However, I am not completely sure. Does yoga have any side effect? Is it possible that such effects exist? I would gladly hear out what you think about this topic. Thank you in advance.

by User avatar kiel1816161818

Is yoga more then a stress-management technique?

Answered by a doctor

I have a few friends who attend yoga classes and I do believe that I would like to join myself. Now I am looking into they ways in which yoga could benefit me. My friends describe it mainly as a stress-management technique. Is it more than that? What can I expect?

by User avatar wilow253160691