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Testicles aching for 6 months

Answered by a doctor

I'm making this post so I can hopefully get some answers for the problem I have been having. I'am a 23 year old male. About 6 months ago I quit smoking pot, I used it every day for roughly 5 years, and a short time later I began experiencing an aching sensation in my groin/testicles. I visited...

by User avatar Whesp06

varicocele embolization in the philippines?

Answered by a doctor

Is varicocele embolization practice in the philippines? In what hospital?

by User avatar dimple

what it means when someone is talking about testicle dropping through puberty?

I am 14 and I don't really understand your ball dropping does it mean they drop like getting bigger or they where not there before and now they are because they dropped and how do you know when they dropped

by User avatar Guest

What will happen if i remove sperm daily?

Answered by a doctor

What would happen if removed from the sperm in the penis every day?

by User avatar CJD

New bumps on my testicles? i popped the old ones and a little pus came out

I used to get these small bumps on my balls till this day. Now I’ve noticed these bump awhile ago (2ish months) getting bigger well eventually it grew to look like a pimple. And then I noticed another bump getting bigger so with it being on balls I was nervous and I popped it and a little pus came...

by User avatar alike hello

i cum in my sleep

I am seventeen and i wake up with erections some times but i have recently found cum in my boxer briefs when i wake up. i was just wondering if this is normal becasue i didn't think i could cum in my sleep if my gland wasn;t touched or rubbed constantly, i normally sleep nude bu i'm afraid to...

by User avatar Guest

Is it safe to eat your own sperm?

Answered by a doctor

my friends been doing it and i think its NASTY!!!! ewww he sacred to ask doctor if it can give him cancer. STD or can you tell me side effects so i can explain to him the risks

by User avatar chris

pain above right testicle which is hanging much lower than the other one

I often get pains above my right testicle, I'm kinda worried it's severed or something because the testicle hangs much lower than the other and I can't find a connection between the testicle and the tube or what ever. Am I being paranoid? How can I check to see if I'm okay? Who should I go see about...

by User avatar Guest

excessive sweating from testicles/groin area - is that norma

Answered by a doctor

I've started to notice that my balls are quite sweaty. It's maybe been for the last year or so but I can't seem to remember it being an issue before that. the first time I really noticed was when i was staying in hospital for about a month and I had a funny reaction to the starch in the sheets. One...

by User avatar 21Edinburgh46897

A little pain in my right testicle?...

Answered by a doctor

Okay, first and foremost I don't know wheather I should be worried or not, but two days ago I went skateboarding. Not tricks or any fancy stuff just riding around town, heading down to the beach. Well the problem lies after I got home. It was about 90 degrees out that day (don't know if it has...

by User avatar Guest